Yet the 10 Victorian clubs were the away team 33 (from memory). Needs to be 2 or 3 per team.


What a fucking amazing win. We’re the Eagles!! We’re flying high…


Yes, well done Weagles. At least I have two weeks before I see the lone Collingwood supporter bitch and whinge and moan about the result. :rofl:



I love it when they pan to Eddie whenever Collingwood are about to be pipped at the post.

That always makes me laugh for some reason :grin:


AFLW star and former Australian Survivor contestant Moana Hope has announced she is engaged to model Isabella Carlstrom.


Sydney Swans have taken a 27-year lease of the Royal Hall of Industries and the Hordern Pavilion, adjacent the SCG. The heritage-listed Royal Hall of Industries will be renovated to include training facilities and an administrative base for the Swans and the NSW Swifts netball team, as well as an Australian Red Cross blood donation centre and a museum to record the history of the venues and of the Sydney Swans.
The NSW government said both buildings would remain available for events, including Mardi Gras.
Playbill Venue Management and the Swans formed a partnership to lease the buildings after the Centennial and Moore Park Trust last year put out a tender for the use of the site.


This is brilliant news - now we can push for an AFLW licence


I heard that Northern Territory will want to have a team in the AFL if the Northern Territory government strikes a deal with the AFL to include a team in the League.


how will they beable to when they play cricket during our Footy Season hmm they would have to play all their games @ night be too hot during the day


This year, Melbourne Demons played an AFL game in Alice Springs (v Adelaide - won by 91 points during afternoon), and in Darwin (v Fremantle - won by 54 points during evening)


You could only do that if the AFL eventually had something like a promotion-relegation system, and just accepting that there would be a lower tier of clubs, rather than trying to ‘equalise’ a club based in the NT with a side with resources like Collingwood.

There’s no way you’d move an existing club to the NT - so it’d have to be a new license, and I think the competition is already struggling with 18 teams.

There’d be plenty of places ahead of the NT in the queue for an AFL team - a third or even fourth team in WA, Tasmania, Canberra, and others would be more viable than one in the NT.

Move the Suns to Tasmania and then leave the competition alone.


That’s what the North Queensland Cowboys do in the NRL… Pretty much all home games are played at night.


I like the idea of a team in the NT. Im not sure if it would be feasible. But they would probably be successful. Its the type of place where teams would struggle to play. I guess the study they do will determine whether or not its a good idea.

I still think some Victorian teams should be moved out. Not sure if a new licence(which would become 2) is the right move

I would move St Kilda somewhere. North somewhere and the Bulldogs to Ballarat. They are some of the lowest clubs with members in Victoria and struggle to draw crowds.

As for the suggested tier competition i wouldn’t like that. Its pretty obvious from Richmond and Collingwoods success you can go from one year near the bottom to the next winning or coming second.


Yeah, move GC to Tasmania so they can live on handouts there instead!
I’m from Tassie, you’ll have the same player retention issues here, as well as a small membership base and attendance here. Wouldn’t fix the problem, merely moving the problem.


Or if so, they could merge with Gold Coast Suns to call it Gold Coast Saints.


it should be 2 teams per state and make it a 10 team competion 18 is 8 clubs to many clubs that were going to merge should have just gone and done it


I am not a fan of that. I think 18 clubs can work in time. Just relocate them to either ACT, Tasmania or the NT.


But you are missing the NT, ACT and Tasmania. They are part of Australia too.


You have 23 rounds and having 198 games being played during the home-and-away season. What I do not like about it was the bye between Round 23 and the First week of final. Geelong Cats did not perform very well after the Bye match and have been written off. They are a laughing stock.