No question.

But even though it was a fantastic Grand Final and went right down to the final seconds… Expect ratings for presentation / post whatever to be offset by Collingwood viewers turning off the TV in droves?

But no doubt the AFL and Seven will be over the moon, after a lacklustre finals series and home and away season + 12 years since a non-Melbourne traditional AFL market team (also Eagles) won.


I’ll try for one sentence…

That was quite something, kudos Eagles :sweat_smile:


Collingwood viewers turning off the TV in droves can also affect Seven’s ratings in Melbourne tonight given it is showing a women’s T20 cricket match. Seven needs a big audience to justify its request to Cricket Australia to schedule an international game after AFL grand final.


Not all viewers in Melbourne are Collingwood fans.


I too read Seven came up with the idea, but it would’ve worked both ways (Seven-CA combined decision).


yeeeeeeoooooooeeeewwwwwwww :yellow_heart::blue_heart::raised_hands:



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can you tell me when you have another dream that involves getting money tell me about it xoxoxo

Unofficial Public holiday Monday probs down here.

Personally not going out but I know it’s gon be a party yewwww

loved this game!


Maybe the result will shut those who think it’s unfair to play the game in Melbourne no matter what up for a little while. Clubs always go by the mantra of “Any time, Anywhere” and it was proven today.


Haha will do. Just can’t guarantee I will be right.

I agree. Just hoping it will become more even in years to come. Need to have interstate teams play 2-3 games at the MCG a year and be allowed to train there. If its where the GF is played there shouldn’t be a massive home ground advantage.


It’s the whole “there’s 90 games in Melb each year” that I’m always on about. If only 90 divided equally into 18… Also, every team should be the away team either 2 or 3 times at both venues.


West Coast have played 2 games at MCG - won 2
Fremantle had 2 games at MCG - lost 2
Adelaide had 2 games at MCG - lost 2
Port had 2 games at MCG - won 1.
Brisbane had a game at MCG - lost to Richmond
Gold Coast had a game at MCG - lost to Melbourne
Sydney Swans had 2 games at MCG - won 2
GWS had 2 games at MCG - won 1.
I think QLD teams need to have at least 2 away games at MCG


This year marks 60 years since Collingwood beat Melbourne in the 1958 VFL grand final and denied the Demons a chance to four-peat. Since then the Pies have played in 15 grand finals, won twice (1990 and 2010), tied twice (1977 and 2010) and lost 11.


Yeah that is ridiculous. Especially when some Victorian teams play the same amount of games at grounds such as Adelaide Oval, Optus Oval etc and there are only two clubs in those cities compared to 10 in Victoria.


You mean Optus Stadium in Perth?


Obviously. Its the only other ground that two teams play on.


For example, Essendon, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs played twice at Optus Stadium. But not just the Victorian teams. The non-Victorian teams like Port Adelaide, Gold Coast Suns that have played twice at Optus Stadium this year. Both two non-Victorian teams lost 4 matches at the new venue. Gold Coast had a home game at Optus stadium against Freo due to the 2018 Commonwealth Games


Yeah but my point is that the fact there are 10 Victorian teams means that there should be more opportunity to play at the MCG. The fact some teams (as you named 5 there would be 7 now as Melbourne and Collingwood have played there twice as well) played at interstate grounds twice proves that there is a huge home ground advantage to the MCG. There needs to be a better balance going into the future.

I wasn’t really talking about Optus Stadium either shoudychen. My discussion is around the MCG.


The MCG holds about 100k. When you have a Victorian team v a QLD team the numbers were very low due to less Victorian supporters who go for the Brisbane and Gold Coast Suns.
For example, The Hawthorn v Adelaide Crows match at the MCG was much lower than expected about 26 000 people turning up to the match. Unfortunately, I didnt watch the match on TV as I found it boring but I was wondering why crowd number is quite poor, given that it is a hawthorn home game.


Was also the last time Collingwood lifted the Premiership cup in September, hopefully it is another 60.