I always said I would download this when I started to integrate with society. But the fact it hasn’t been able to trace any close contacts has made me decide not to. A big waste of money this was.

So Fremantle beat the Pies tonight with a score of 10.1 (61).

Has a team ever won a game with a higher score but only 1 (or 0) behinds?

Or has a team won without kicking any behinds?

The AFL has stood down reporter Mitch Cleary after he posted a deleted Instagram post by Brooke Cotchin that lead to her receiving a fine of $45,000 by the AFL for visiting a day spa to receive a facial that breached the AFLs’ COVID rules, even though Brooke was already named on radio

That is ridiculous. He is a journalist.

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Yep, St Kilda just last round won with 12.1.73.

I don’t think anyone has ever win with zero behinds. In 1994, St Kilda scored 18.2 against Essendon, highest winning score with 3 behinds was Freemamtle’s 20.3 in 2000.

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Yeah maybe something more to it ?

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Everyone warned this would happen when the AFL announced they were going to run their own media arm


According to Herald Sun (which also shared Brooke Cotchin’s Instagram post on its website on Friday, that’s how I was able to post her name here), Caroline Wilson named Brooke Cotchin as the culprit on 3AW on Thursday before Mitch Cleary shared Brooke’s Instagram post on his Twitter the following night. Was the AFL implying that Mitch should dob Brooke Cotchin in before reporting on her post?

Apparently the AFL believe he is an AFL employee before a journalist.

This won’t end well for the AFL.

So this is a conflict of interest issue.

Exactly right - media outlets run by sporting codes was hardly ever going to deliver hard-hitting journalism.

Still, it is surprising that this is the hill they’ve picked to die on? Perhaps the AFL didn’t envisage the backlash his suspension would cause?

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AFL have screwed this up royally here. Never has the Melbourne sporting media ever been more united than they are right now.


It is great to see posts like that. He did not deserve to be stood down.

This afternoon’s announcement by Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein that his state borders would not be open until August 31 at the earliest, means North Melbourne v Brisbane cannot be played in Hobart on August 15.

Jon Ralph is reporting that the AFL has reinstated Mitch Cleary but after he had to acknowledge the post was “a mistake on his behalf”

You have got to be joking! The AFL is a joke!


At least they reinstated him.

Only because of the media outrage

Mitch Cleary chatted exclusively to ABC Grandstand yesterday regarding his temporary suspension from the AFL.

So I went to the game last night. A bit on the game the Bulldogs were good and should have beaten us. They were fast they were persistent with their inside 50’s. But they just couldn’t convert. We were very lucky. But it was good to get our first win to a team that was currently in the top 8.

As for the covid restrictions. That will be the last game I go to. They aren’t doing enough in SA. No temperature checks. Yes there was social distancing but everyone left at the same time. There was hardly any changes even the toilets weren’t great. The water turns off after 2 seconds which means you can’t wash your hands properly. Dispensers didn’t have soap in them. And there were limited paper towels to dry your hands and nowhere to put those dirty towels.

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