With North Melbourne Abandoning their Stand-alone VFL Team, An Opportunity to Merge their Reserves team with either Coburg, Frankston, Port Melbourne (again), Werribee (again) or even Williamstown & the Merged Team will take the Kangaroos name & colours, but play at another Ground.

I thought an AFL match on a workday afternoon in WA would get a small crowd, I was wrong.

According to Herald Sun, it was Trent Cotchin’s wife Brooke who did a facial at the Esteem day spa that cost the Tigers $20,000. She made an Instagram post but deleted soon after.

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What was the crowd?

12,304 as the tweet said.


I still think that this was quite a good crowd at Optus Stadium, even if there were two Victorian teams being played in Perth.


Especially for a game that started at 3.40 local time.

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Thanks the tweet wasn’t coming up on my computer yesterday.

I was very worried about my Eagles tonight. During the first half, Geelong controlled the match.
The Cats lead by 16 points. However during the 2nd half, the Eagles fought back to win by 9 points in a nail biter. Josh Kennedy kicked the match winning goal to seal the match. The Eagles are now in top 4.

Has it ever happened where a player calls for a head count if they believe an interchange infringement has not been detected by the interchange steward

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Yeah I believe it has happened a few years ago. Technology and camera action has prevented that from really happening.

I watched St Kilda yesterday and I think they are the real deal. They have a good side and will be real contenders over the next 5 years.

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You’re quite right. We were awful yesterday.

From what I have seen St Kilda have been in good form this season. Nothing stopping them from mske the finals this year. They have seemed to have benefited.

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With the current stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne one would assume the Grand Final must be moved now. There is no way they can get a crowd in before October. Hopefully its announced soon.

I was a bit nervous going to games but I am going to the Bulldogs v Port game tomorrow night.


As someone who went to last weekend’s Swans vs Hawks game…I’ll give you some advice.

  1. Wear a mask
  2. Follow all instructions
  3. If there are wankers who think they can manspread into every other seat, move at least two seats if you can, if not, report them. This was at the Waratahs game, but still.

Yeah I have a mask that I am planning on wearing. I’m also not buying any food there and taking my own, I would love to support the venue but not risking it.

Just one thing I’m missing… a beer mask


Enjoy the game, but arrive early for bag checks and temperature checks. Also be prepared for staggered departure - you may not be able to leave the venue as soon as the final siren sounds.


Seven News’ Mark Stevens said this evening that Trent and Brooke would personally pay the $20,000 fine.

Good luck to you and hope that you enjoy the match tomorrow night at Adelaide Oval. If you’re planning to use public transport to head off to the game, my advice is that you should avoid sitting at the front of the bus. I would recommend that you should sit at the back of the bus to comply with social distancing. I would also recommend that you should wear an extra jumper during the match as the weather would be very cold during the night in Adelaide.
Another recommendation is that you should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the match. This includes bag inspections, checking body temperatures. (It is recommended that you should download the COVID Safe app). Adelaide Oval food outlets are now card-only.

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