Essendon got a deal with Docklands back in the 90s that meant they profited from the first patron to walk through the door. Victory has a similar deal. These two clubs were the main “anchor” clubs to ensure the ground was paid for year round.

Every other AFL club (Roos/Dogs/Saints/Blues mainly) were on the AFL’s joint agreement requiring a 30k crowd to break even (under 30k and you had to pay the difference to Docklands, hence why these clubs were bleeding big time) and a crowd of ~35k to make any sort of decent cash to fund the clubs day to day activities (all well and good to break even, but you need to make some cash to run your business too).

One of the reasons the cats have been so strong about moving games to Geelong is that a Geelong games makes the club ~$750k to $1m per game (25k seats are pre-sold as reserved seat packages at $350+ each or $40 per game, the remainder as GA memberships ($235 for an adult ($25 per game) or walk up tickets in the $40-80 range).

The rugby will be at Docklands on the 8th of August.

Equality is a societal issue more than a football issue that in reality has torn us apart (boom tish) rather than united everyone. If we all were equal competition wouldn’t ever exist. If it was truly equal every player would be paid the same, have the same ability as everyone else, every club would have the same funding, equal membership and all that garbage. Personally I’m sick of everyone chasing something that will NEVER happen in my lifetime, or anyone else’s for that matter, END RANT.

I think you miss interpreted what point I was truely trying to make. If you listen to the person who created the fixture he mentions the word equality a lot. That was the point.

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There’s a difference between reasonable equality and full equality. There is a line in between them. Full equality is not possible because it is simply not the real world. Sport is competition and the fact is different clubs will have high and low points at different times. It is up to management to manage their clubs and resources.

Amarfio was Cricket Australia’s executive general manager of broadcasting, digital media and commercial for six years, and was heavily involved in negotiations for the current broadcast deal which went to Foxtel and Seven.

The AFL has proposed that half time of matches be reduced from 20 to 10 minutes from next year. What sort of idea is this?

A shithouse one.


Makes it even harder to get a pie and a beer at half time, what halfwit came up with this one


As what i’ve said. Leave the Half time to 20 minutes. Some players need to cool down after playing for 60 minutes.

Not cool down, that’s bad as it can lead to injuries. But I’d love to know what the AFLPA think about it.

Rugby league, rugby union and soccer matches all have 15 minute breaks, five minutes longer than AFL’s proposed break. But they last around 90-100 minutes. AFL players play for more than two hours and a 10 minutes won’t help them catch their breath.
Also, a 10 minute break will have repercussions for Seven Adelaide. For example, if it is to show a twilight match live, it won’t be able to air the news at half time. Either the match or the news will have to air on 7mate.

I like this idea. Maybe not 20 minutes to 10 minutes. But 20 minutes to 15 minutes.

Broadcasters wont like it as it will mean less ads at half time


By the sounds of it its a push from the broadcasters. I think the venues are the ones who wouldn’t like it.

What’s the bet they’ve found a particular demographic drop off after half time or something.


Champion Data’s new list ratings for 2020

  1. Richmond

  2. Western Bulldogs

  3. Collingwood

  4. GWS

  5. West Coast

  6. North Melbourne

  7. Geelong

  8. Port Adelaide

  9. Essendon

  10. Hawthorn

  11. Brisbane

  12. Melbourne

  13. St Kilda

  14. Sydney

  15. Adelaide

  16. Carlton

  17. Fremantle

  18. Gold Coast

I am surprised the bulldogs are so high and north are in the top 6.

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My thoughts on the champion data for 2019:

  • Richmond have played exceptionally well during that year. After struggling during middle of 2019, Richmond have found good form and able to apply in their best effort. Dustin Martin, Jack Riewoldt, Jason Castagna, Tommy Lynch, Daniel Rioli.
  • Adelaide Crows. What can I say. Crows have had a lot of high expectations this year. The Crows started off well but during the middle of the season, they started to lose a lot of momentum. Off field issues, and the attitude of players have to blame for their poor season which resulted in Don Pyke’s resignation in September. New Adelaide coach Matt Nicks needs to reverse after a lacklustre 2019 season.
  • Fremantle Dockers - Words cannot say how dreadful their season was. Most of the players were well below average and have struggled throughout the season. They’ve had a lot of injuries this season and their form was so poor. Their playing style was outdated. A 91-point drubbing to West Coast was a massive concern for Ross Lyon. Ross Lyon struggled to develop young players into elite players. Unfortunately more losses resulted in Ross Lyon getting the sack in August.
  • POrt Adelaide - They’ve had above average players in 2019, however they’ve missed the finals for the 2nd time. Port Adelaide were meant to play finals, but a heavy loss to North Melbourne ended its finals chances. They’ve had a rollercoaster ride this year.
  • Melbourne - After playing finals in 2018, they’ve gone downhill with injuries and their poor form this season. Melbourne need at least 7 players to be above average. Despite a poor year, I think that Steven May could return in good form and hopefully Melbourne could start winning more games.
  • West Coast - What can I say. There are 6 elite players and 5 poor players. They’ve copped a lot of flack this season. A narrow loss to Richmond in R22 cost the chances of a top 2 finish. An upset loss to Hawthorn at Optus Stadium in R23 has certainly ended its top 4 chances. Poor form and attitude of players were to blame for back-to-back losses.

Melbourne is also a strange one from me. Melbourne well and truly believe they are in the premiership window. They have a list that they seem to be comfortable with. Yet they still only rank as the 12th best list.

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