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A good view of the MCG radio commentary boxes from last night’s Geelong v West Coast semi final. This was just after the moment of silence for Danny Frawley which is why they are all standing.


AFL Website ended up providing a stream of it for those that didn’t get it over the air.

Whilst driving home from dinner, I listened to Grandstand ABC and heard commentators saying about listeners from around the world tuning into AFL PF match.

They would most likely be ex pats now living overseas and on holidays.


3AW’s commentary team for Saturday’s AFL Grand Final has been confirmed: Tim Lane, Tony Leonard, Matthew Lloyd, Leigh Matthews, Daniel Harford and Jacqui Reed. That means Dwayne Russell has called his last match for the station after 15 years. He will join AFL Nation and SEN in 2020.

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So I’m predicting SEN/AFLN to be Whateley, Hudson, Lyon, Dal Santo and whoever on the boundary, and MMM to be Brayshaw, Darcy, Judd, Brown and whoever on the boundary. Any variance on that?

I think you’re right for SEN. I think AFL Nation will run separate coverage as they have for the last couple of Saturdays. Probably Donegan, Quartermain, Wallace, Pickering, Wotton.

AFL Nation and SEN grand final coverage

When will Crocmedia realise they could save money using the one call instead?

2SM should be taking the SEN call if Macquarie Sports is airing the syndicated call.

I’d also like to see them air the Donegan/Qatermain et. al. call on SEN+ or one of the DAB offshoots in Melbourne (since it’s Crocmedia and they won’t be airing four different programs across the SEN suite)

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There’s something weird in there to do with the rights. SEN wasn’t owned by CrocMedia when the last radio rights were done.

I’d expect it to be normalised next time the radio rights go up/down


Seems like it’s a choice though because sometimes AFL Nation will only do 1 call (eg; for Friday night games) whereas there’s other games where they’ll have 2 calls (eg; just for SEN or for NSW listeners)

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There’s no good reason to pay extra (as in double up on the commentary) unless they get something out of it (or via a contract have to do it).

I assume in the case of SEN, there’s enough advertising dollars to make it worthwhile.

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I reckon its contractual. IIRC 3XY/3EE had to keep broadcasting AFL despite ownership and format changes because the AFL has watertight contracts.

Triple M Sydney’s coverage of today’s grand final between Richmond and GWS will be from 2pm to 6pm, before the NRL preliminary final (Roosters v Storm) from the SCG. The match will also be heard on Triple M stations in Griffith, Wagga Wagga, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Gosford, Maryborough and Toowoomba.

Due to the women’s T20 cricket from North Sydney tomorrow, there will be no replay of today’s AFL Grand Final on ABC Radio Melbourne, as has been the tradition for many years. On the day after the GF, ABC Radio will have a four-hour broadcast. Each hour the hosts will dissect the match and take calls from listeners, before each quarter is played in full, leading to the news at the top of the hour.

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This will affect AFL radio coverage in regional WA next year. Under the current radio rights deal, Spirit and Red FM take the AFL Nation coverage from Crocmedia, including all games featuring West Coast and Fremantle. From 2020 they may have to switch to a relay of Mix 94.5 broadcast.

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They may not be able to: Crocmedia’s call is still aired in some SCA monopoly markets, including Shepparton (Saturday nights). Triple M stations in regional WA used to take both Mix/MMM and Crocmedia coverage previously, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case.

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Yes this has been discussed previously. Not sure the exact details but it does appear that Crocmedia’s call must be heard in a market before SCA are allowed to take the MMM call on one of their stations.

95.3FM Shepparton was definitely taking MMM pre-game (Friday Huddle, Rub) this year before switching to Crocmedia just before the match started.


In Melbourne Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann, Angela Pippos and Emma Race pass the pre-game commentary mics to Alister Nicholson and Corbin Middlemas for the 2020 AFL season. Co-hosts will be announced early next year.

So ABC thinks its pregame is too relaxed and not as hard-hitting as 3AW, SEN and Triple M.

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Without Olympic duties next year, expect a lot of comments from Alister Nicholson and Corbin Middlemas about the fact that ABC doesn’t have the Olympics that they wished they were in Tokyo.

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