ACE Radio


Ive notice that 2QN and 3NE are using the tagline “Only The Hits You Love” as well


Edge FM wangaratta has been playing new imaging with 102.5 frequency - they are obviously updating that awful old voice over thats been on there but must have loaded the wrong one


They must of been doing something with the music as well, they play that new one from Sam Smith and Little Mix, Secret Love Song, twice in 1 hour this morning.


One of the reasons I rarely tune in - definitely in need of an update!

He also refers to the station as ‘The Edge’, whereas ACE is the in the process of re-branding to Edge FM. It was only a matter of time I guess.


Is it me or is it sounding worst then ever before?


Yes it is mate. The slow repetitive cheap music is a lot worst. It was that bad this morning the boys turned the radio off. I have no idea what they are doing but all I can say it sounds like a big mess at the moment.


when did they say the format would change?


They are saying that they have already starting making changes to the music format. That was 3 weeks ago.


I suppose they’ve gotten rid of flashbacks on friday - could be standardising their playlist for a complete overhaul? or they could just be talking shit haha


They have already caned Flashback Fridays for the year mate. As for the music, its still the same shit on repeat 24/7. I think the music has even became more repetitive. Someone said they played that Lady Marmalade song twice all ready this morning. I am no expect but surely it would not be hard to tweak the music a little bit before the complete change. Its a joke.


Phil Baildon? Voice for ACA promos and many HN commercials.


We have been talking about this today…The reasons why they have dropped their most popular programs, ‘Flashback Friday’ and ‘Flashback Saturday Night’ for the year and replacing it with it normal repetitive playlist. Its just like have a iPod with 100 songs on repeat with adds thrown into the mix 24/7. Being the festive season and most party’s that I go to on weekends have the radio on, listening to Flashback Saturday Night. I would of thought this time of year would of been the most popular to have these programs on. I am wandering if these programmer have any idea what they are doing or they do not give a rats ass about its listeners.


That is just what I was thinking their decision to rest Flashback Friday / Saturday night makes no sense at all. How hard is it to just to run a different log. Their has been no communication on air or officially on their website or social media that its been rested and will return so people who tune in for it are eventually going to tune out and they probably won’t return thinking its been axed. I was only told after complaining of it absence that it is only being rested and will return next year. I still have my doubts


I agree mate. I know a lot of people are to a stage where they refuse to listen to the station, like myself. Their programmers need to hang their heads in shame, All they have been saying is complete lies. They are just treating their listener like shit.


hows Mixx fm and 3wm going?


Both. I heard that the old Program Director still has a say, so there is part of your problem. They are not doing themselves any favours.


Edge FM in Wangaratta airing emergency updates tonight as flood warnings impact the Ovens, Kiewa and Murray Rivers. No station ID, so must be airing on 3NE too.

Random observation: still airing the old community service announcement imaging (with the ‘102.1 The Edge’ voiceover), so based on that + the posts on this thread, I gather that ACE are making changes gradually.


they were on this morning as soon as i flicked on. matt hobbs on edge and paul on 3ne. they’ve both gone now but i heard mark taylor on 3ne - isn’t he the Ace Radio CEO?


TF Are you talking about?


So he is - given he was based in Albury for so long, I’m sure he would know the area well