ACE Radio


Voice tracked if anything from the one location for both stations. Not necessarily pre-recorded. Ace do a bit of that with a lot of programming coming out of Warnambool and Traralgon for other markets but with custom voice tracks for each station.


Both deni stations now streaming.


at 16kbps AAC or 24kbps MP3 :face_vomiting:


It sounds terrible - the AAC version is better though.

They’ve also implented the player into the website badly. The play/stop button is actually a pause button. The stream starts loading the moment you load the page, and then when you click play, it plays from wherever the stream was when the page loaded - so it’s incredibly delayed. The mp3 stream embedded also doesn’t work in Firefox.
Links to use for a better experience are at


Yes it does sound terrible, more so when they were just playing Wendy Matthews, I Don’t Want To Be With Nobody But You :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Oh, it could be worse, maybe Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” or Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”?

Actually, compressing the crap out of those songs could actually make them sound better, maybe, just maybe? :thinking:


:joy: I could not agree more there mate. Unfortunately they do play those songs also.


Edge 102.1 and 3NE now online streaming and the bit rates have improved 64kbp ACC and 96 MP3


I had a good listen online today and still the same artists, music and format that they had on the day when I left the station. As I thought, Ace is as bad as the other.
I really feel sorry for the listeners.


Amen to that :+1:


Fairly sure they’re upgrading from Studio Playlist to NexGen next week


So they’re going from budget backwards to expensive backwards.


perhaps they’re not updating any content until nexgen is in


Ive notice today that 102.5 Edge Fm had no Flashback Friday.


Yep looks like Ace has killed off Flashback Friday replaced by Better music, more of it. Yuck


I streamed the Edge on the drive home tonight (I live in Melbourne by the way and mid 40’s) I’ve always said I think Edge have a good playlist, nothing like Melbourne repetitive crap. Maybe it’s what you get used to. I usually listen to MMM and always hear the same flogged stuff and maybe it’s the same for people in the Noeth East but Edge have great variety. It’s like a cross between Smooth, Triple M, Gold and Nova. A aliitle more announcer involvement would be good, but it’s predomately music which is great.


I can’t say I heard them say ‘Better Music, more of it’ on there before. Adrian, when you listen to the same 100 odd songs on repeat day in and day out for the past 5 years, it becomes very repetitive.


I have not either but their website has replaced Flashback Friday with Better music, more of it.

I was told Flashback friday is taking a break and returning 2018 as well as other changes being rolled out over the next couple of months.


Sound good mate. Does 96FM in Perth use that position?


Believe so, as does/did Gold in Melbourne and WSFM in Sydney in their last marketing push.

On the ACE AM stations, they seem to use the “Only The Hits You Love” tagline, also used by Gold previously. Spot the favourite station in their South Melbourne offices.