ACE Radio


How can a station be worse than the BOG network feed?


A 24/7 stream of someone farting? :rofl:


Apollo Bay has’nt got News Radio Either.


So is TRFM now same format as Edge? Much better especially as it was competing with Hit


ACE Group Content Director Mat Cummins is now the GM of Traralgon after the ‘sudden’ departure of their previous general manager. It’s my assumption that Billy McFerran (currently Group ACD) will relocate from Wangaratta to Traralgon and become the Group Content Director.

There are rumours an SCA CD will take over the CD duties left vacant by yours truly, and there is a new workday announcer (ex SCA Albury) who will join the Wangaratta fold.


Dave Brunton has been removed from MMM website ?


He’s at 2AY, replaced Maria Foundas


Very sad. Could he please return to Brisbane and fix the mess his post merger predecessors have made of BC/BH?

Billy’s enjoyed living where he has for quite a long time, how would the network benefit in him moving.


Whats wrong with the station?


The music is one of the biggest problems.
1 - The playlist from the 80’s to 2010 has not changed since ACE took over the station. So we are hearing the same older songs day in and day out.
2 - They seem to be very anti rock. You hardly ever hear a rock song, they only seem to play cheap pop songs, while their sister station is a easy listening station, so we don’t have much choice.
3 - The old format was not much chop either but at lease you would hear something different on Friday and Saturday night with their Flash Back Fridays and Saturday night.
4 - The lack of news services.
5 - And there seems to be a lot of staff turnovers. There is always someone new on the radio.

The BOG FM stations shit on the ACE FM stations. I think the BOG FM stations musically has one of the best music formats for regional Australia. (A great variety of music from the 80’s to Today)


I find BOG FM’s weakness is that they have NO format from 80’s to Today.

I.e. at least skew towards men or women… rock or pop… not just “Play All 80s to Now”.


I think that weakness works well in regional Australia where they only have two commercial stations. The BOG FM stations caters for a wide audience of people.
I just find the ACE radio stations music formats are too narrow. They are very Female skew.


One wonders what Lui thinks of this whole “ACE vs SRN/BOG” debate, since he’s been at stations under both companies in the past (and lifted the overall quality of the stations he was on, to be fair :slightly_smiling_face:).

Maybe it’s just the stations I’ve heard, but at times the SRN/BOG FM format sounds like it’s trying too hard to be “all things to all people” while the other commercial station is predominately talkback. But that’s for another topic.


Though the opposite is the criticism I’d lay at a number of the ACE network markets - that despite a predominately talk formatted AM station, they run CHR formats on their FM station - leaving a huge segment of the market unserved.

That’s starting to change in some markets, where the AM station or an FM conversion has introduced more music shifts - but they still have markets where there’s a near full time relay of 3AW and a narrow ‘Mixx’ station.

You can’t please everyone, but I think if you’ve got one FM station to work with, then something fairly broad is better - as long as it isn’t wildly swinging genres and decades to create something unlistenable.


@luifromtheradio can you shed any light on the 15 people resigning from Edge in Deni in the past year?


Certainly been a lot of on air turnover. Back under the previous ownership the on air schedule never changed. In saying that Matt Hobbs hasn’t moved off breakfast at 1021. Is answer brett still there?


What’s the latest on David’s departure as GM at Traralgon?


Sure is, he is getting more on air shifts now with the lack of staff in the building, but he is the copywriter there.


Haven’t heard much apart from it being “family reasons” - though there was a bit of kerfuffle at a previous managers conference at the network owner’s farm. Lots of politics at play.


Not sure mate. Pretty telling though isn’t it…