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What shit news.


Digital staff I was told


102.5 haven’t advertised on there website the breakfast show hosts yet


Here’s my photo of the same building, taken 1 May 2018:


Probably going to change again in a few months so may as well keep it generic :joy::joy::joy:


More Breakfast issues for the ACE Network - Coast FM’s breakfast crew have split up. At one stage they were touted as being a suitable networked drive show to replace Hamish & Andy.


What’s their names? Is one of them moving on to a larger market?


“Monkey and the Big Fella” Was the show - Matthew Monk and Matty Stewart the hosts. According to Peter Headen (the GM) they are both remaining employed with ACE, however the breakfast show is now called: Monkey in the Morning

*edit: Here’s a link to the local paper’s spin on the story


Indi from Edge 1025 has turned up on Mornings at 93.5 MMM Bendigo


So they had a personal falling out or Ace saving money?


@dxnerd you’ve been in the market recently, what are your thoughts on TR and GV?


3TR is a very tight CHR so I don’t listen…

3GV’s music is OK but I prefer 3GG (and 3MFM) for music variety. 3GV seem to have a fair bit of talk programming which I don’t care for.


They’re both still working at ACE Warny so I wouldn’t pick money as the issue but who knows?!


Well if they’ve split them up, then it’d mean covering two shifts without spending more - so in a way it could still be money saving.


3CS has to get an FM Translator for Apollo Bay, On Maybe 96.7?


Good point, I’ve never checked out the AM coverage down the Great Ocean Road but I can’t imagine it’d be that good (not from Colac at least, the mainly water path from Melbourne and even Tasmania makes those stations belt in down there).

Mixx FM has translators in Lorne and Apollo Bay, presumably the AM station would be entitled to them too?


Noticed a few changes on the ACE Gippsland stations while monitoring the coverage of the fires today.

Gold 1242 has taken the “Better Music, More Of It” positioner used on 3YB FM and the two Edge stations, while TRFM is now positioned as “Gippsland’s Best Music”. Read into that what you will


If they’ve been allocated, they’ll be in the Colac LAP. Doesn’t appear to be:

Here is an earlier explanatory paper for getting News Radio to air within the market:

More networking with same positioner?


For the first time since December I had a listen to 102.5 Edge FM today and I forgot how bad the station is. The sad thing is, I think it is as bad or every worst then the Rich Rivers Radio days.


Oh dear, what’s happened?