ACE Radio


For what reason? Why @Jason_Andrew_Toppin ?

Convince us please.


Channel 9 already own54.5% oer is it 55.4% of tye shares of Macquarie Media and the ACe AM Radio Netwirk take most of the 3AW Programs hence the rason i thinks ACE Broadcast need ti be sold to chhannel 9.


Factually incorrect @Jason_Andrew_Toppin, so you haven’t convinced me nor many others I’m sure.


I’m hoping ACE don’t get bought out and instead buy Grant’s Victorian stations. ie. Gold Bendigo, Easymix Mildura, K-Rock/Bay Geelong, 3BA/PowerFM Ballarat.

Continue to build up a locally owned regional Vic network like they have been, they’ve never shown signs of selling.


Interesting history: At around the mid-90s, the owners of ACE owned Bay FM in Geelong before it was sold to Grant Broadcasters.

Source: Media Ownership Update, February 1995

Also, between 1988 & 1995, ACE also owned 2WL, later Wave FM, in Wollongong before it, too, was eventually sold to Grant Broadcasters.


And how less diversity in media, especially regional media a good thing?


I wouldn’t bother to ask, you’ll never receive a coherent let alone, suitable answer.


Thats a terrible idea i love the grant stations been listening to 801 5RM last couple of days because it comes in slightly clearer than River 1467 and Gold Central Victoria the music format and local content is so much better than Ace Radio and it shows in the ratings. I have recently lost 1521 QN / Edge Fm to ace i don’t want to loose anymore


Maybe it should be the other way around then. Grant buying out Ace.

In all honestly though, I actually don’t think either is required (but better scenarios than NEC buying them out which was what @Jason_Andrew_Toppin suggested!)

Regional Radio actually needs DAB+ rolled out to provide more variety of services.


The Cameron family has a good relationship with the Ace families, they are the likely buyer should Ace wish to sell in the future.


Having a quick glance of the 3YB FM website and it appears to be using the same music positioner (and presumably music log) as the two Edge FM stations. No changes to the AM stations from what I can see.


So the Edge format and the Coast format run side by side in the 'Bool?


So it appears!


As OMC’s song goes: how bizarre.


Unless things have recently changed 3YB use the same music log as the other Ace Am stations but use the the same better music and more of it but is 70s to now instead of the 80s to now Edge Fm use. Ace radio is a real mess at the moment


At the moment?

Many would argue that it’s business as usual, year in year out for them!


@crankymedia that is on the cards :+1:


Grant is far better than ACE.


New signage for 3NE/Edge FM in Bright replacing the previous North East Broadcasters branding

Note the mention of 99.1FM Bright - the Mount Buffalo repeater for 3NE is heard across the broader Bright area. There is an allocation on 92.1 for a 3NNN repeater, using the same allocation as the ABC stations (88.1 3ABCFM, 88.9 3ABCRN and 89.7 3MRR) and community 92.9 3VKV - has never been activated to my knowledge.


Rumours of multiples redundancies being handed out this week for programming staff across the network.