ACE Radio


I thought it would be. Last travelled nearby in '97 when EMF was lower and AM sites better maintained. 1242 was suffering at Cann River.

Surprised to keep listening in following days when touring to hear them make mention of Mallacoota, a shop was an ‘agent’ for 3TR, some kind of community classifieds idea, yet I thought that reception would be minimal.

Hence the need for the local community station, set up due to NSW signals with no local information and unreliable reception AM 828, especially during bushfire which can reduce AM coverage.

The Bega RA1 area is fascinating. Upon first glance at Google maps, it appears to stop at the Vic border however there’s an enclave for Mallacoota itself.

If the licence area was drawn without consideration for the border, it would go due south to Tamboon/Point Hicks Lighthouse further west of Mallacoota.

Interesting that the Camerons haven’t applied for translators, that would give the community station some curry but if run right, shouldn’t matter as the community station can be hyper local.

Any AM or FM under normal conditions from Tas?


That’s interesting about Mallacoota being in the Bega licence area. Having it attached to the Sale one would make a lot more sense eg. Victorian news and better AFL coverage etc.


Probably a geographic thing. Mallacoota is a lot closer to Bega than Sale. The residents there even travel to Canberra instead of Melbourne when they require city services/shopping/hospitals etc.

I believe 2EC does carry AFL Nation also?


They do on Saturday afternoons.


Everywhere east of Orbost feels more like NSW than Victoria to me! You have the Snowy River meeting the sea at Marlo, and even the climate from Orbost-Mallacoota resembles coastal NSW rather than Melbourne (warmer in winter, slightly cooler and humid in summer).

Tassie FM stations don’t make it into Mallacoota under flat winter conditions but on that March 2016 trip, I had 91.7 7NT booming in almost without interruption from Mallacoota to Sale. On AM, 7BU, 7AD, and 7SD can be received OK from the southern facing beach just out of town. Obviously the first two aren’t long for this world.


Does 91.7 have RDS running?


I’ve never seen any ABC regional station with RDS, so I’d be very surprised if it was.


No. There are no ABC stations running RDS outside of the metro areas at the moment AFAIK (and even Canberra seems to have switched off, see other thread).


Indi won’t be returning to Edge Deni in 2019. The new breakfast show will be ex-Morning Rush host and current 2AY CD Maria Foundas, and former 2AY CD and current Deni CD Anthony “Thommo” Thompson.


That’s sad. I hope she is not quitting radio altogether. What is happening with Aaron? (Indi co host)


Indi is off to bigger and better things I’m sure we will see (or hear) from her again. Far too talented to be out of the industry for very long. Aaron will move to mornings, hosting the OB’s that are being “strongly sought by local businesses” - I wonder will that be positive or negative for the listeners?


Good on her. I 100% agree. :slight_smile:


Wow so much movement at The Edges since the takeover. Matt Hobbs is the only original.


It really surprises me that he is still there.


Me too…After that email he sent to frustrated listeners


What was that?


Just saw a Ute belonging to Edge FM Deniliquin in Murray Bridge SA


Great photography!

Safe to say these vehicles are “authorised for part private use” as Telstra vehicles used to have next to the numberplate.


Yes. Heaps of staff at Ace have branded company cars - sales, managers etc.


I hope the owners of Ace Broadcasters seel their Radio Stations to Nine Entertainment ASAP.