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Listening to a bit of Edge 1021 yesterday and Matt Hobbs seemed to be the going all day. Was still on air after 10:00am. What happened with Ace, they seemed on track with some real good line ups on both Edge stations but seem to have had a max exodece. Ashame they have F&W on drive instead of a local announcer. I don’t mind there music mix


The same has happen with Edge 102.5. Big Dave and Indi have vanished into thin air, they now have Thommo who was doing afternoon now doing breakfast (Thommo also does arvo’s on 2QN). Ange is doing 10am to 2pm, who is also their GM. Ange and Thommo both do various shifts on the weekends.
One big problem I can see is the work load of these poor soul.

Personally I think these radio stations are not any better, if not worst since ACE took over from North East Broadcasters. (And I thought this could never be possible)


Streemed Edge 102.5 this morning. There was an Aaron hosting breakfast who mentioned Indi is returning in about 2 weeks. 102.1 website has been updated. Matt Hobbs 6:00 till 10:00. Hayley 10:00 to 12:00, Yas 12:00 to 15:00 followed by F& W, then KTM.


Good to see Indi is returning because she is a good broadcaster.


New breakfast show on Edge 1025. Aaron & Indi


Is that who won the ACRA?


Not sure, I think it was somebody else who doesn’t even feature on there website. Go figure


Where is repeater transmitter for 98.3 FM located ie for gold1242?

Can’t seem to find it in the Radio Guide app on my ipad.


It’s located near Bairnsdale.

Edit: Just checked on the same Radio Guide app & it’s not listed there. It is on the ACMA listings though.

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Yeah its good they announcer does say both frequency although a bit of mouthful. It must be fairly new.

Might be more of a random topic, wonder if most commercial stations announce their repeater frequency or not? WSFM doesn’t at all.

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98.3 3GV/t has been on air for at least 18 months from Mount Taylor/Bairnsdale. The coverage is fairly good; you can hear it as far east as Cann River on the Princes Highway and you can also receive it from Mount Cooper, a high spot between Bombala and Nimmitabel.


And as far west as??? on the Princes and Gippy highways?


Can actually barely receive it in Stratford which is the first town west on the Princes Highway where they have billboards advertising 98.3 FM.
99.9 which is TRFM from the same transmitter is actually stronger. Are 98.3 and 99.9 the same power from Mount Taylor?


Yes, they’re supposed to be.


I haven’t tried it towards the west , sorry. The last time I was west of Cann River was June 2017- it may have been on air then but didn’t think to try.


Have noticed the same thing. 3GV FM translator coverage towards Sale is not good.


Strange - does it have different specs to TRFM? May do as the GV AM transmitter is somewhere near Maffra from memory, so the FM service isn’t given as much juice to the west so as to avoid providing a defacto FM conversion for Sale listeners?

Still find the need for an FM translator questionable for that service. I spent a lot of time in Bairnsdale and surrounds years ago and never remember the 3TR/3GV signal being that weak at all. Orbost/Lakes Entrance way maybe, but not in Bairnsdale, unless something has changed


I think it was because they weren’t eligible for a full AM-FM conversion (for solus markets) as there is overlap with Warragul RA1 but further east there is no overlap so it gives East Gippsland listeners at least a second commercial FM Stereo service.


Can you receive the AM 1242 service in Mallacoota? How far east can 1242 be received?

How far south does 2EC and Power FM reach?


Re. reception in Mallacoota, you can’t really get any of the main Gippsland services there, apart from 828 kHz from Sale. 3MGB (101.7 and 96.9) is really the only local service out there to go with the ABC translators 103.3 and 104.9. 2EC (Eden, Bega) and Power FM (Bega) make it but reception isn’t great. Mallacoota is officially in the 2EC/Power FM licence area for those who aren’t aware.

1242 was OK with my big loop but pretty weak on the car radio iirc. Mount Tassie is non existent during flat tropo conditions although when there’s some enhancement about, the Mt. Tassie services can romp in. I even had 103.1 3BBR Warragul strong on the car radio driving out of Mallacooties (March 2016).