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Its also probably worth noting that 2AY is the only ACE radio station that operates in a non-solus market with Triple M/River and Hit FM/Star being the SCA stations in Albury-Wodonga. I’m guessing that as an AM classic hits station, 2AY struggled to compete with Triple M/River (regardless of music log). Competition is an amazing thing…


One that Ace and the Camerons often fail miserably at.


Add Bill Caralis to that


Yes, them too. A forgettable network also.




ACE is to shut down the Melbourne-based Radio Training Institute in June, writes Nikole Gunn in Radio Today.

To that end, the ACE Radio Network has announced plans for a traineeship scheme to identify and nurture home grown radio talent.

Successful applicants will be assigned to various stations within the ACE network, where they can learn a wide variety of skills ‘in-situ’.


Oh god…


3NE’s Paul Konik to retire, reports The Border Mail.


So this poor bloke is 74, well beyond retirement age, still working (or still has to work), drives 800 - 900km a week minimum, used to do the bfast show until being shifted by the new mgmt to afternoons.

No wonder the fire’s gone out and he’s pulled the pin!

Of course it wasn’t a hostile act, who could get upset with Lui Zacher…


ACE Radio stations are live from the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre for the Good Friday Appeal this year, crossing to live reporters in ACE markets around the state


Wonders never cease! Must be an advertorial element to it. Would they do this out of the goodness of their hearts?


All gone quiet on the ACE topic. How is the Edge, 3NE, QN transistion going in the NE? Heard a bit of 102.5 the other day with a No repeat workday. Sounded really good. Playlist 80s to now. Credit where credit is due is think ACE have improved the the Edge stations. Hopefully they stick with 80s to now instead of all hits??


I’ve always been fascinated by this advertising for the old 3TRFM and 3GV. It is located west of Yarragon on the Princes Fwy/M1 . I believe it has probably been there since April 2002 when 3TR converted to FM.

Not only are the station names outdated now, the sign is technically outside of Ace Radio’s license area for both stations (this is 3GG/Hit 94.3 territory). Being on the eastbound side of the road though I assume they are trying to get listeners to tune in early to their stations as they travel east. Both stations though are quite scratchy in signal as you travel between Yarragon and Moe on the freeway.


I think ACE may be planning/building new studios for the Wangaratta. I was up there today and the signage at the transmitter sight and a couple of locations around town has been updated, but the studios still have the old logos.


“Could this be Gippsland’s Luckiest Family?” (top story under Random Radio News headline)

Husband won $50 000 countdown promotion recently, last year, wife won car or the cash promotion.

Prize pigs? Organised rorting?


From last year:

Angela Frino has been appointed as the new General Manager for 2QN/Edge FM in Deniliquin/Echuca, replacing Dave Robertson.

Source: Radioinfo


That is awesome. I have a lot of time for Angela. :thumbsup:


Didn’t take long to shake out the dead wood in Deniiliquin:

New General Manager For 2QN/Edge Fm
ACE Radio is pleased to announce that Angela Frino, who started with ACE Radio 16 years ago at just 17 years of age at 3SH/MIXX FM in Swan Hill, is now the new General Manager of 2QN/Edge FM

Angela has held the positions of Announcer/Copywriter at 3SH/MIXX FM Swan Hill, Program Manager at
Gippsland’s GOLD/TRFM Traralgon, Promotions Manager at 2AY Albury and Assistant General Manager at 2QN/EDGE FM Deniliquin/Echuca.

She is also an experienced announcer who still does a regular air shift
on 2QN, as well as being an Account Manager.

More multitasking for her, this is a contraction of numbers at the station nevertheless.

You shouldn’t ask a lady’s age goes the old quote, however, you can’t fail to add up her age as outlined.


New line up on Edge Deni. Now looks to be live and local from 6:00am thru to 5:00 pm which is great.

Who is Thomo?


Anthony Thompson. I think he previously worked at 2AY in Albury.

The only thing is I wish they would do the music locally instead of coming in from Wangaratta.