ACE Radio


They seem to have back-flipped on this decision! Perhaps listening to feedback? :relieved: :raised_hands:

It all seems last minute, given that they would’ve waited a week since KTM started back everywhere else.

Here’s how the new line-ups look for The Edge stations

Time 102.1 Wangaratta 102.5 Deniliquin
00:00 - 0400 Better music, more of it Better music, more of it
04:00 - 0600 Kate, Tim & Marty Kate, Tim & Marty
06:00 - 1000 Matt Hobbs Dave & Indi
10:00 - 1400 Lui Zacher Leisha
14:00 - 1700 Indianna Symons Matt Hobbs
17:00 - 1900 Kate, Tim & Marty Kate, Tim & Marty
1900 - 24:00 Bryce Better music, more of it


Weird that Wang is getting voicetracked nights, yet Deni isn’t.


Edge 102.1 is Ace’s only FM station to have an announcer (albeit voicetracked) at night - all others are automated after 7pm.


I don’t know who their Program Director is but everything seems to be all over the place, including their music and you will hear the same song every 2 hours. Sometimes you will hear the news in the morning and in the arvo there is no news at all. This is including 2QN. I have not heard any local news on both since the start of December. I was told the news team were on holidays. There are a lot of the locals going off about this on both stations since the new owners took over.

Here is something that one of the locals said on social media- The PT must be thrilled since 2QN changed hands --there is"nt any thing local on radio. I"m discusted.

I was told by the GM about a month ago that they were not getting KTM on Edge FM as they wanted all music shows… I am glad they have changed their mine and bringing KTM on board.


When I was up in the High Country at the end of 2017, they were taking 3AW news bulletins on the hour - although only some hours, as you say. Previously, they took the secondary Macquarie feed, though it’s possible that they Macquarie didn’t have the staff to run two separate news feeds over the Christmas/New Year’s break.

Wouldn’t be surprised if local news returns next week - Lui, who is Content Director, has been covering Edge breakfast in Wangaratta for the past few weeks, so I’d expecting things to bed in properly on Monday.


You probably are right there mate. She did say they were on Holidays. Hopefully once everyone gets back from holiday things will fall into place :slight_smile:


The ACMA might be interested in that…


I’m in Albury for s few nights and have been giving it a good listen. Don’t seem to play as many “wow” songs as they used to. In saying that they do play a good mix of old and new. What happened to andrew Brett who use to do both stations between 10:00 to 14:00? Website says he will now do weekend breakfast Saturday and Sunday only. This week 10:00 to 14:00 has been Casey who I believe is content director from TRFM. Deni has Leisha. I’m guessing Hobbs and Indi voice track there drive shifts or are they live? Does anybody know ?


Voice tracked.


Would make a 12.5 hour day if they were live. Ta


Tom was on the AM stations. KTM is for FM. Different stations.


Yes, as I have read that it only takes 15 mins to put down the voice tracks for a 4 hour shift.


Good news for listeners in Regional VIC & South-West NSW who prefer music over talk. :slight_smile:


I also note that some markets are still taking 2GB’s Steve Price and even 3AW’s Nightline in the evenings.
All markets are taking Sports Day from Crocmedia at 6.


Does 3CS still take ‘The Weekend Break’ from 3AW or is it 2GB i’m thinking of?


AW and yes, they were a weekend or so ago.

What does surprise me is that Crocmedia hasn’t developed a non sports show between their nightly sports show and AW’s Nightline. There’s a big gap to be filled. Money News, Steve Price, 2GB; Sydney rubbish should have a commercial alternative to counter it.


Tom Elliott’s show is returning to 2AY from Monday.

It appears that the other ACE AM stations are sticking with music.


Interesting to see that afternoons are being voicetracked from Gold 1242 Traralgon - surprised that 2AY didn’t reinstate a locally hosted afternoons show in place of Elliot.

Meanwhile on the FM side of things, Grant Broadcasters’ “The Campus” show is to air on Coast FM, Edge FM, Mixx FM and TRFM from Monday according to


What did Ace air before The Campus?


I don’t understand 2AY’s backflip. Does it mean Albury people actually prefer listening to talkback (albeit issues mainly related to Victoria) instead of comedy and music in late afternoons?

Sportsday (Victorian edition) is always meant to be two hours long. If it is cut back to one hour just to satisfy 3AW’s schedule then many sports fans in rural areas won’t be happy.