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Ah, that must be why 3CS was on music when I was scanning around a couple of days ago during Drive, tho I think 3YB might be taking it tho.

3AW Drive has also been taken off the syndication list too.

Gosh. I hope that someone gets rid of Tom because he annoys me so much, that said I listen to Triple J these days with a scatter of John Deeks because his filling in now on Australia Overnight and Nightlife on 774 / Northern Tasmania.

It could also be a ploy from Macquarie to make out of area listeners listen on Digital Radio as most of the ACE signals spill over into Melbourne.


So new 2 person breakfast show for 102.5 edge Deni. What’s happening at 102.1?

Any changes to Edge line up?

Was streaming the other day and I do like the variety compared to Melbourbe


Does the playlist still come from Wangaratta? If so… there’s your problem.


Looks like 2QN and 3NE have quietly added The Morning Rush in breakfast from 7-8:30am as of yesterday. Not sure what’s filling the rest of the breakfast timeslot?

Not sure what’s happening at Edge Wang, but I know the other ACE FM stations are taking Fitzy & Wippa (3-5pm) and Kate, Tim & Marty (5-7pm) in drive from next week, so I assume they’d follow suit.

From the glance I’ve had today, seems that Elliot has been dropped by the AM network, with local/VT shows running from 12-6pm.


New landing page for the two Edge stations, using the old URL for the Wangaratta station -

New domains too:

Not sure where the 90.5FM repeater that the Edge Wangaratta site claims exists?


Apologies for the third post here, but just found the answers to some of my questions.

According to the latest local content grid, Pat Gurry has moved into the 5-6:30am ‘Early Breakfast’ timeslot, followed by an airing of Country Today. Paul Konik moves to 1-6pm. Full schedule follows:

Time Show
12am Australia Overnight
5am Early Breakfast with Pat Gurry
6:30am Country Today
7am The Morning Rush
8:30am Neil Mitchell (3AW)
12pm Country Today
1pm Paul Konik
6pm Sports Day (3AW/Crocmedia)
7pm Pat Gurry
8pm Steve Price (2GB)
10pm Nightline (3AW)

Over on Edge FM, Content Director Lui Zacher moves into the 10am-2pm slot, replacing Andrew Brett who takes the weekend breakfast (6-10am) slot.

Not according to the Edge content grid, with Indianna Symons from Edge Deniliquin remaining in the 2-6pm slot.


Damn, I personally would’ve loved to hear KTM on air - looks like I’ll be sticking to the podcasts. :pensive:


Voice tracked from another town 2 hours away really isn’t local.


Was listening to the morning breakfast on 2QN which was hosted by Ange, what a weird shift 5:30am to 6:30am, but to be honest I was enjoying their playlist a lot better than EdgeFM these days.

From what all the other Ace AM radio station do these days its a little confusing. So do 3YB and Gold 1242 take Country today at 5:30am and run the Morning rush from 6 through to 8:30am while other AM stations start the Morning Rush at 5:30 and take a break for Country Today at 6:30am and rejoin the the morning rush with 2QN and 3NE at 7am.


Looking at The Edge websites it’s looks like both stations are running independently between 10:00 to 14:00 ( where previously 1 announcer voice tracked both stations) and 102.1 have added a new announcer at night from 18:00 to 24:00. Looking up


Bryce Ruthven. Based in Traralgon and also does mornings on TRFM.


Spose better a non local announcer than no announcer at all


Another new name on 102.5 10:00 to 14:00. Good stuff


Plus live announcers after 10:00 am on a Saturday. It’s can only be a good thing


Heard them announce a new way to drive home will be announced next week


Edge or 2QN/3NE?


I’m assuming the whole network. Tom Elliot was dropped late last year.


No I was wondering if Adrian was referring to Edge as they might be taking KTM like the other Ace FM stations. Looks like that is the case.


It was confirmed on Monday that ACE would take Kate Tim and Marty from Nova. Easier to listen than Tom Elliott.


Edge Fm stations. Now on there websites. From 5 to 7.