Accidental Heroes


Join Sophie Monk and comedian Nick Cody in this hilarious new series as they bring you the weirdest families, wildest animals and some of the greatest fails ever to be caught on camera. Produced by Nine.

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Seem’s like Australia’s funniest home videos but 2016ised

Or another You Tube clip show.

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Accidental commission?

Opens to hopefully find something that sounds half-decent… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:… closes in disappointment. That is all. :sleeping:

I wonder if this show will still go to air this year considering Sophie is appearing on The Bachelorette? Could be a summer filler after Sophie wraps up on Ten with 9 trying to capitalise on the public interest in her…

I can imagine Nine trying to capatilise on the interest in Sophie by passing this off as “What Sophie did next”.

This show seems to be returning this Thursday 7:30pm.

Just saw the promo as well

The Funniest Moments Caught on Camera: Accidental Heroes

Thursday 9 April at 7.30pm

Let’s face it Australia…we need a laugh. And who better to give us all a smile than ordinary people stuffing up on camera!

Hosted by Sophie Monk and comedy sensation Nick Cody, Accidental Heroes celebrates the funniest moments ever caught on camera when ordinary people accidentally end up as internet viral sensations.

In this series, premiering on Thursday, April 9 at 7.30pm, each episode is packed with laughs and outrageous clips from around Australia and the world.

With each episode revolving around a theme – Kids, Epic Stuff-Ups, Home Sweet Home, Into the Wild, Looking for Love, Holiday Fails, Families, Homemade Superstars, Amazing Pets, Villains and Heroes – the series is laugh-out-loud family fun.

Sophie and Nick have a ball entertaining the studio audience with their unpredictable and spontaneous style.

Sophie Monk says: “This show is the content we all search for on social media everyday for hours, combined into one hilarious show. It was so entertaining to watch the viral videos, I forgot I was hosting. Legit! So if you can ignore my lame jokes, I promise it’ll entertain your whole family. It’s the fun we all need right now.”

Join Sophie and Nick in search of the “out there”, the unbelievable and the downright hilarious when they explore every corner of the internet to find Accidental Heroes!

Accidental Heroes is created and produced in Australia by the Nine Network.

This sounds like an enhanced edition of Make you LOL.

Returning? Has it ever screened before?

It seems it was announced in 2016 upfronts for 2017 but never screened. It’s screening now due to lack of content since so many programs have shutdown due to the corona virus.

Although filmed some years ago, its good to see new content airing. But then again, for Nine to hold off this show for so long, probably proves that the show isn’t that good.

From Funniest Home Videos, to 2-to-1 with Bud Bert and Erin, to now Accidental Heroes. Got to love these filler programs, hey? lol

I’d say it’s a real dud.

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Thursday will have two 30 minutes episodes - Stuff Ups (episode 2 in the series) followed by Kids (episode 1).

The show features Sophie Monk and “comedy sensation” Nick Cody in front of a green screen introducing You Tube clips. At the end there is a ‘highlights’ montage and the 3 best are announced. You’ve been warned :slight_smile:

I know I shouldn’t judge a program just by screencaptures but I think I’ve seen enough to come to the conclusion that “Accidental Heroes” appears to be absolute rubbish which should be buried at 11pm like “Worlds Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown” has been in the past, not airing at 7.30pm!

Returns Saturday 20 June at 7:30pm

Double episode: Epic Stuff Up/Heroes and Villains.

The show’s legion of fans will be excited :wink:

Saw a bit of this show and it screams nothing more than a derivative Funniest Home Videos.

Are Nine looking to reboot Australia’s Funniest Home Videos on Saturdays :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i hope not. The show hadn’t been funny since the 1990s.

Gave it a go and just seems to be a really unfunny version of MTV’s Ridiculoussness in the US.