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That, i totally agree with. It was lazy programming with that extra Spicks and Specks episodes airing. But it is what it is, i guess.

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Been enjoying the Spicks and Specks doubles, but it’s far from the most creative programming choice.

30 minutes of rage at 7pm will do nicely instead :wink:

That’s what many families around the country have had the past few weeks while they made that change to 6:30 swap over.


I noticed ABC Plus was playing I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) in prime time last night. Was surprised to see a horror-thriller and from a studio on the ABC, even if this channel targets a younger audience.

One of the best ever titles, yet one of the worst ever sequels.

Adam Hills: The Last Leg - Season 27

Tuesday 31 January 8:30 PM

Guest Lucy Beaumont, Richard Ayoade and Angela Rayner.
Repeat on ABC TV on Wednesday 10:15pm

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This is the last night of the 6:30pm startup of ABC TV Plus

Was there a transition between ABC Kids/TV Plus at 7pm tonight?