ABC TV Plus - Programs and Schedules

No it’s stupid. Plus or + has become a naming convention for streaming services. Disney+, Paramount+, 7+, AMC+, Apple TV+ etc.

The ABC chose an inappropriate name for a multichannel at that time.


There is everything wrong with it - the name is generic and meaningless. I guess like the channel so…


Gonna politely disagree on this one.

Based on it’s content, branding and broadcast quality, ABC TV Minus would be a more accurate name for what it is at the moment.

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Can’t make up their minds… as others have said, should’ve just remained as ABC2/ABC3.

Hopefully whatever shakeup they do involves a move to MPEG4+HD

ABC2, ABC Comedy, ABC Kids / ABC TV Plus. Whats the new name gonna be?

There was nothing wrong with ABC2

In my opinion, the issue doesn’t lie solely in branding but also in the content scope of the channels themselves, which seems to be ineffective. Introducing a time-shared channel (ABC Kids/ABC Me) with a ‘youth-oriented’ aspect or brand during late-night/overnight hours could address multiple challenges simultaneously. This approach would enable ABC to establish three distinct brands with unique programming slates. Consequently, ABC TV Plus could evolve into a 24/7 brand, concentrating on programming that ABC TV doesn’t currently broadcast.


i mean, it works for the BBC with BBC Three and BBC Four splitting from CBBC and CBeebies - but I guess the split works better as the channel is low powered during the hours it doesn’t broadcast as well.

I reckon this:
ABCKids/ABC2 - arts, documentaries, culture
ABC Me/ ABC3 - 6 - 12yos during the day, youthful programming at night
but with this, adopt the BBC structure of having the channel low powered during the hours it doesn’t broadcast

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What’s the cutover time though?

Both youth and kids watch ABC Kids & ABC Me in the afternoon until 7pm.

I don’t expect much of a shake up but except maybe how they will rebrand the kids channels into one perhaps? Definetly should rename ABC TV Plus to something else but depending on what kind of content they will play,. (I haven’t read the article yet, I’m suffering from the case of too lazy at the moment), I think I will wait to see what they come up with first.

Whilest I always thought it lacked imagination, it definetly felt ABC. I am sure , correct me if I am wrong, the ABC1 and ABC2 branding were similar in design, no?



There were a lot of changes over the years.


I’m a fan of the 3 and 4kids look, where they just used white on a colour.


I think this ABC iview logo is the perfect one to use as a template for the ABC. I would just adapt that style and use different colours for each channel and the name at the bottom. ABC, ABC2, ABC3, NEWS.


As mentioned in the Classification thread. Looks like ABC TV Plus will start at 7pm again.


Ninganah Lullaby


Monday 15 January 7.25pm

Young Djardi falls asleep at the campsite, but dreams of gliding across Bundjalung & Gumbaynggirr Country on the back of a warm, fluffy sugar glider.

Ninganah Lullaby was created on the lands of the Bundjalung and Gadigal people. The original song was written and performed by Troy Cassar-Daley and includes Bundjalung and Gumbaynggirr language. It is set on Gumbaynggirr Country (his Nan’s / Mother’s Country).

For Troy the song is about camping as a kid with his cousins and being asked to settle down and go to sleep – which was always hard to do. It’s about trying to be quiet and still at night time, even though you’re excited.
Studio Gilay’s animation for Ninganah Lullaby weaves both human and spirit entities into the story of a young boy (Djardi) who falls into a slightly surreal dream on a camping trip. In his dream he snuggles up on the back of a giant Squirrel Glider and soars above Country. Language, knowledge and kinship are entwined with plant, animal, sky and waterways.

In addition, we celebrate lesser known (and endangered) animals around Bundjalung & Gumbaynggirr Country. The Goonge (Ghost) spirits are sleepy little dancers. Their choreography, a rhythmic hypnosis that washes sleepiness over the animals.

Production credit: Original Song Troy Cassar-Daley (Gumbaynggirr/Bundjalung). Creative Director Jake Duczynski. Producer James Hackett and Melissa Azizi. Production Company Studio Gilay (Gadigal land, Eora Nation) ABC Executive Producer Margaret Ross, ABC Commissioning Editor Nicole Cheek.

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Reef School - Season 2


From Monday 5 February 8.20am

Welcome to REEF SCHOOL, where every day is an underwater adventure! Join the Reefies and their teacher Mr. Flip as they discover the extraordinary wonders of an imaginary Australian coral reef.

Hidden in an imaginary Australian coral reef is a preschool like no other: Reef School! Led by their gentle turtle teacher Mr. Flip (Tony Armstrong), the Reefies – Ray, Surg, Ginger,Stripes, Oli, Chips, Jaws and the Snappers - learn all about life beneath the waves. With stories, songs, excursions and games, every day is as colourful as the coral around them.

Narrated by Emma Watkins and combining astounding real life underwater footage with animation and charming, funny character voices, Reef School is a 20 x 7-minute ABC Originals production, created and developed by the award-winning ABC Children and Family Content Department.

This series of Reef School features the voices of Chloe Hayden (Heartbreak High), Gemma Driscoll (ABC Good Game Spawn Point), Costa Georgiadis (Gardening Australia), Luke Springer (TikTok’s Mr Luke) and Christie Whelan Browne (Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell).

Production credit: Reef School is an ABC Originals production, created and developed by the award-winning ABC Children and Family Content Department. Commissioning Editor: Nicole Cheek. Supervising Producer: Natalie Robinson-Hurst. Series Producer: Karin Fitzharinge. Story Producer and Writer: Veronica Milsom.

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ABC chief content officer Chris Oliver-Taylor says there will be changes to multichannels.

“We are looking at our multis and how we can evolve them. There should be an announcement in Q2 …I don’t think they’re working as effectively as they can be.”

But have no fear, “There is more Bluey coming, yes.”

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Double Parked

From Tuesday 20 February 9.45 pm (all eight episodes dropping on iView)

Fizzy and Suds!


From Monday 11 March 8.10am 26 x 11 minute Episodes

Whether it’s trucks, planes, alpacas or even sushi, Fizzy and younger sib Suds become obsessed with what they’ve just discovered and want to know all sorts of things about it.

Bubble, pop, go! Fizzy and younger sib Suds are two animated bubbles who love to explore the real world. Endlessly curious, the pair always find something new that captures their imagination. Whether it’s trucks, planes, alpacas or even sushi, the pair become obsessed with what they’ve just discovered and want to know all sorts of things about it.

Fizzy & Suds! is a show about passions that celebrates curiosity and divergent out-of-the-box thinking, born out of a desire to indulge the glorious passions that pre-school children have at this age. Our bubbles are always in a lather about their latest discovery – and they can’t help but explore it from every angle.

ABC’s first production to be certified Inclusively Made, Fizzy and Suds! was produced inclusively with people living with disability from start to finish.

Production credit: A Tilt Media and Entertainment Production. Major production financing from ABC in association with Screen NSW. Distribution by ABC Commercial. Director Genevieve Clay-Smith. Producer Sam Griffin. Executive Producer Chris Hilton. ABC Executive Producer Mary-Ellen Mullane.

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