ABC operations

‘ABC Entertains’ is a goofy name.

Oh well they’ll change it again next year no doubt.

Obviously not the best option they could’ve chosen, but ABC Entertainment would be a massive improvement over what they’ve chosen.

The best option is obviously ABC2 and 3. Bizarre that they’ve strayed away from that. Their ABC 2 + Kids formula has worked since the inception of the channel, why change that??

The loss of ABC3 has always been so bizarre to me. I’m a young adult, everyone around me grew up on ABC3 and still look back on it fondly. It worked so well. So weird that they changed what was essentially a gateway drug to the rest of the ABC.


I would have opted for a ‘Back to the Future’ style approach, reinstating ABC Kids to its pre ABC3/ME format: preschool programming from 6 am to 11 am, followed by ABC Education from 11 am to 3 pm, and ABC ME programs from 3 pm to 8 pm. After 8 pm, a new youth-oriented channel, ABC DEF, would take over, tailored mainly to a Triple J audience, featuring music programs, charts, Countdown, comedy shows, etc., until 6 am. This would leave channel 22 to transform into a 24/7 secondary ABC, focusing on programming areas currently overlooked or neglected by ABC TV.



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Yes, as in definitely. I feel that it would be the ideal name if ABC were to create a youth brand. It’s slang and would connect well with its audience. Plus, it would allow the brand to be easily themed (i.e., DEF into Comedy, DEF Charting, etc.), while providing an inviting slogan for the strand itself (‘I’m definitely into it’) and better promotional opportunities for things like HD.

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I think it should just go back to ABC focusing on main content shows and news) ABC 2 should just focus on kids programs with all three combined . No need for a “family” channel.

I guess I am showing my age but i just thought it meant as an extension of the alphabet

ABCDEF :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Would work both ways, I guess. Could be stylised as ABCdef.

I actually thought they meant def as in Def Con.

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Does anyone know if repeats of Spicks and Specks will continue on one of these new channels? Most people I know tend to associate that show with (the channel formerly known as) ABC2, and it’ll be sad if they put it to rest.

Can’t wait for TENqwerty to start


I’m sure repeats will continue. Spicks and Specks would usually be PG wouldn’t it? If it’s family friendly it could be on ABC Family otherwise it in can be on ABC Entertains. I think ABC ME ran some M rated programs at night too so wouldn’t rule out some M rated shows on ABC Family too.

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Hmmm, that would be a repeat of the first multi-channel attempt which was ABC KIDS during the day and FLY-TV at night on LCN22.

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Showing your age there champ :joy: welcome to 2009!

Honestly DEFS wouldn’t be as bad as ABC Entertains (very low bar), but think this is why they should just use numbers. The numbers will never have to change, they’ll never feel dated and it’s not like this is some ABC iView branding that makes channel numbers invalid. Just call the TV channel numbers and use random branding terms on ABC iView if they feel like they have to.

ABC 2 had more personality than ABC TV Plus ever had and it was just a simple number. The content is what matters. At least ABC Comedy had a brief daily show that fit the name.


ABC2 was a fairly strong brand before they dumped it.

Again it’s all about the identity and programming, not a snappy name.


I agree with you to a point. ABC2 was a very clear brand when it first began, but format changes ruined that, going from a general entertainment focus to a youth-centric focus. ABC Comedy was a rather odd move from the start, and then reverting back to the ABC2-esque TV Plus hasn’t worked.

As I said in my earlier post, having very clear branding approaches/identities and programming strategies that catered to all audiences across both ME and TV Plus would have been a far better way to address the issues both brands were facing.


Last night’s Federal Budget did not have any new measures for the ABC in the 2024-25 financial year. According to The Australian, the Budget papers did say that combined weekly audience reach – which has a target of 67 per cent this financial year – is expected to fall to 63 per cent. It is expected to drop again in the 2024-25 financial year to 62 per cent, a result blamed on “softer news web services”.

The ABC will receive $1.196 billion from the federal government in the next financial year, up from $1.137 billion in the 2023-24 financial year. The broadcaster is budgeting for an “operating deficit” of $1.9 million in 2024/25.


which what the BBC has achieved with BBC One and BBC Two - clear and distinct for what the channels stand for

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A difference with BBC is that BBC 1 and BBC 2 were long established analogue TV channels.

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Sure but BBC Three and Four are not much older than ABC 2 and have done well to define themselves to the audience i.e. younger demos and arts programming respectively.

Aunty dumping ABC 1 meant revisiting ABC 2 and ABC 3, which was a shame. I wish they had stuck with turning 2 into a younger demo-focused channel and 3 with an overflow or repeats channel. Huge audience out there for Gardening Australia.