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Wow, ABC News got good!

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Paul Higgins presented ABC News Sunday in Melbourne.


This promo for various news programmes has been airing on News24 tonight:

Might be a glimpse at what is to come graphics-wise (ie we’ve seen that blue before…)


A new Nightline promo is using the ‘oneABC’ font that has been discussed numerous times too.


??? You mean Lateline?


With ABC’s monday night lineup returning tomorrow, it’s the last obvious day for the relaunch to take place. Not expecting much, however.


Had a look at ABC news NSW in the past recently, and I have to say that I actually quite enjoy ABC’s bulletins (well at least the Sydney editions) compared to Nine or Seven which has become quite sensationalist and tabloid (ACA/Today Tonight Style). Of Course, the anchors of ABC News are brilliant. Juanita Phillips and Jeremy Fernandez are both great news readers and Graham Creed is a nice break from David Brown, Mrs White Jacket and that clown and his ‘pitter-patter’ over on TEN.

IIRC, ABC News has been fairly consistent in terms of its presenting line-ups especially compared to some other networks (Seven and TEN, I am looking right at you guys) and their bulletins have only been ever fronted (as a chief newsreader) by James Dibble, Richard Morecroft (who was my favourite newsreader on the ABC), Tony Eastley and now Juanita Phillips, all of whom were very good at what they did.

I really would like to see people take a break from the usual Seven/Nine and give ABC News a try, because ABC News does deserve a lot more recognition it currently receives both statewide and nationally.


Good post! Now, about the weather presenter of ABC News NSW…

Personally, I think Nine should very seriously consider trying to get Graham Creed over to the network (for weather on both it’s Sydney news bulletin and the new regional ones) especially if Seven News Sydney with it’s actual meteorologist continues to gain ratings momentum this year.

Realistically, Seven Sydney’s main news & sports presenters are average but David Brown vs “the lady who complained about the jacket”? It’s no contest. If Nine wants to remain Sydney’s #1 news, they need an actual meteorologist of their own IMO!

I’m the same. But you have to remember that Sydney is the same city that makes ACA it’s #1 program on TV at 7pm. The same city that makes 2GB it’s #1 radio station. The same city that largely reads The Daily Telegraph over The Sydney Morning Herald. And I could go on forever really…


This forum is almost a perfect representation of broad viewing attitudes. We all love flashy sets, brash graphics and sensationalist reporting and that’s what the commercial networks have in spades. The ABC does a great job, I agree. And from a presentation standpoint they generally do things very well. I think the fact they have a strict budget means they can only justify change when it ultimately becomes a necessity.

Presentation-wise, I think the current look of ABC News is fine. There’s a revamp coming though. I still can’t say I’m a fan of Lateline’s graphics though - too dark for my liking. And 7.30 is absolutely pig ugly. Hopefully they both get a refresh in the upcoming overhaul.

I await this convo being hijacked by the usual suspects though.


Yes I did. I got them mixed up :stuck_out_tongue: However, I find it interesting that the Monday Nights promo doesn’t not use the ‘oneABC’ font, so it may not be a completely accurate representation of the revamp in the coming months. A better idea might be the pictures that the ABC News account here posted. They posted a different one first, but then changed it for a slightly different one. Lucky, I saved both:

Not sure I dig the blue, as I feel the yellow is a more defiant colour, and stands out very well in the ABC App, and meshes well with the contemporary black and white theme, and the darker grey banners.


Totally agree. At least in Perth, Seven was watchable until probably 3 or 4 years ago, it’s simply trash now. ABC is far superior.


Gloria Kalache presenting the Victorian bulletin tonight.


Frances Bell presenting 7pm bulletins for Victoria from Saturday - Monday,it’s been a long while since she last presented a bulletin.


Looks to be presented from Perth.

And the stretched backdrop is back :anguished:


Yeap, back in late 2015 IIRC.


@Brad yes the bulletin was coming from Perth studio as Frances said on twitter temporarily while renovations are happening.
It seems newsreaders will take it in turns spending a week in Perth like they did last time.
This weeks roster-

Saturday - Monday- Frances Bell
Tuesday- Sunday- Tamara Oudyn

Most likely Ian will be presenting the following week.


WA election coverage on ABC

Saturday 11 March

5:30pm ABC News: WA Votes
A special edition of ABC News as WA Votes. Follows the action in final hours on the campaign trail as Western Australians cast their vote. Plus the rest of the day’s news, sport & weather.

6:00pm WA Votes: Election Night Live
Live from the ABC Election Centre in East Perth, presented by James McHale and Jessica Strutt, WA Votes delivers rapid results and informed analysis on the West’s pivotal election.


###RMIT and ABC News relaunch Fact Check

RMIT University and ABC News have partnered to relaunch award-winning news service Fact Check, to be based in Melbourne at the University’s new state-of-the-art Media Precinct.

From March, RMIT ABC Fact Check will once again test and adjudicate on the accuracy of claims made by politicians, public figures, advocacy groups and institutions engaged in public debate.

Dean of the School of Media and Communication, Professor Martyn Hook, said the nonpartisan, non-profit collaboration aimed to reduce the levels of deception and confusion around public policy issues and debates.

“This partnership with the ABC builds on RMIT’s reputation for producing journalism graduates with integrity, credibility and commitment to the highest standard and principles of media practice,” Hook said.

“In a time of ‘post-truth’, ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news’, it is ever more critical to hold public figures to account and ensure that public discourse – the basis of democracy – is based in fact.

“RMIT is thrilled to join with the ABC to relaunch Fact Check and support this crucial public service.”

ABC Director of News Gaven Morris said the innovative partnership would bring great value to audiences.

“ABC News is delighted to be able to work with the academic community, as well as other groups and institutions, in this way,” he said. “Sharing resources, and collaborating on analysis and original research, helps us better serve the broadest possible audience.

“Fact-check journalism is a great way of providing more of the essential context people need to help them fully understand the major stories and important issues of the day.”

RMIT ABC Fact Check will research and publish Fact Checks, Fact Files and restart the Promise Tracker. Content will be published through the ABC’s Digital platforms and a dedicated RMIT portal.

It will be headed by Director Russell Skelton, a Walkley Award-winning journalist who founded and ran the original ABC Fact Check from 2013 until mid-2016.

RMIT will also appoint a Senior Editor and Fact Check Researchers, along with interns drawn from RMIT journalism students and alumni. Journalism academic staff will also work with the Fact Check team to research the emergence and value of Fact Check journalism in today’s media landscape.

The assembled RMIT ABC Fact Check team will be an anchor tenant in the new RMIT Media Precinct, an industry-leading studio, teaching and production facility opening in March.

The ABC will retain final editorial control of, and responsibility for, all Fact Check content published by the ABC. Content will be subject to all the ABC’s Editorial Policies and its normal complaints handling procedures.