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Chris Bath & Juanita Phillips are roughly around the same age, aren’t they?

If Juanita was to ever leave ABC News NSW (I don’t think it will happen anytime soon and neither would I support her being removed from the bulletin), I think we all know that they’d probably give the main presenting role to Jeremy Fernandez.


There’s video of it on the Media Watch Facebook page. Quite hilarious. Juanita didn’t seem to phased but Brigid was getting stressed.


@Tom_TV7 maybe Chris doesn’t want to return to television news reading, and will probably be happy with her new role on radio which she starts from January 30.


Welp, we’ve officially passed Australia Day and…Nope. Still waiting on a word from the ABC on the relaunch…

Onwards to February, I guess.


There was mention of overhauling the AM, PM, and World Today themes on Monday, so I wonder if the changes are going to be station-wide.


As if they’re going to relaunch midweek. Also the evil communist ABC would never relaunch on Invasion Day /firetorch


Sorry. You’ll have to wait a little while longer yet.
But it is coming soon.


That looks awesome so far @ABCNews! :slight_smile: Judging from the yellow colour being used in some properties such as the revamped app, could yellow also play a part in the relaunch? There’s a lot of light blue in that picture! :open_mouth:

It also says 2017 towards the bottom of the 2016 number.


What’s happening with the sets? I’m hearing they’ll be getting a little refresh. New scenery behind the presenters?


I hope to never see whatever that is on screen


Personally, I’ll be waiting to see what the new look ABC News is like on TV in full motion before saying whether or not it’s any good.


Yea, I agree with that too, it looks more to be a preview image of the elements in the relaunch, than a direct screenshot from one of the graphics. I gotta say, I’m quite surprised about the light blue in the picture. Not sure if I like it as much as the yellow colour seen on the App and website, but then again we’all have to wait and see it in full motion and across the ABC. The preview makes it kinda look like a rebirth of the sliders, with the shadow backdrop below the sides. At least we have something new now since early November with the reveal of the new logo :slight_smile:


Oh my God, what a pathetic comment.

I love how left-wing people (actually, mostly just dopey people) make up comments and arguments in their brain, predicting what ‘evil right-wing’ people would say. They’re always false. Just an insight into their warped thinking.

  1. The ABC is not evil or communist.
  2. I couldn’t care less what day of the year the ABC relaunches it’s news theme.
  3. I couldn’t care less what day of the year Australia Day is held on, or whether some people refer to it cheekily as Invasion Day. Big deal. Every corner of the earth has been invaded at some point. My ancestral homelands have been brutally invaded and violated by different ethnic groups for hundreds, thousands of years. So what. I’m not sulking here in 2017 about a date in the calendar. Further, when specifically talking about the evil, destructive British invasion of Australia, well the English themselves were kinda subject to a major invasion from Normandy at one point… In other words, total non-issue. Invasion. Big invasion. Invasion Day. Invasion is the story of human existence.


Other than getting your wings crossed (right wingers like Trump, Fox News & its lies and think the ABC is overrun by the far left, i.e. commies) I generally agree.

ABC seem to do a reasonable job of being fair & independent, as all the FTA TV news does generally so in Aus it’s the newspapers and commercial talk radio which show their obvious bias (& usually towards right wing/conservative politics).

(I’ll try to leave arguments about the British invasion’s impact on Aborigines for elsewhere.)


totally OT but being Aboriginal I don’t see it as an invasion but I understand both sides to the argument of moving the date etc…

Now back to programming


Don’t get ya knickers in a knot, it was a fuarken joke calm down.

Edit: I was gonna debate but you’ll never hear the end of it.


I didn’t. KVZ had posted a mocking retort that a supposed ‘right winger’ would have said about the ABC, which that ‘right winger’ supposedly sees as communist.


Oh I’m very calm. Regardless, inflammatory fiction, made under the name of another person, should be addressed.

You can debate or do whatever you like.

I’m not sure how you can debate 3 points I made, 2 of which were PERSONAL OPINIONS about whether I care about news theme relaunch dates, or the name of Australia Day, and 1 which stated that the ABC is not evil or communist.

Or maybe you do want to debate that the ABC is in fact evil and communist? :joy: Because I don’t see any other avenue for debate.


Maybe, I don’t really agree, but maybe we should start a topic in the extra category so it’s out of everyones sight called “debate”, and it can be about other things too, like Peter Overtime VS Mark Furgerson or Trump VS Hillary.

Anyways, I do prefer the blue over the yellow for TV News, but I do think the blue is to light. But I’ll see what it looks like when the time comes.


there’s already a topic - it’s called Seven News Content and Appearance.

ummmm yeah ok then.

I guess you could debate this point

I’d rather not though. This is where I go for some sorta fun, let’s not ruin that.