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Eugh more terrible gappy plasma walls.


Yep agreed. Just hope they haven’t chucked two video walls and a plasma with a desk and have called that a set.


It looks like the NSW set, perhaps there’s an extra video wall to the left of Graham Creed (his right). Maybe a special programme coming up or it could just be that half of Phillip Lasker’s background is digitally produced?


If that’s the case then, moving right along I guess? I do like the black and white bar chart graphics on the report, but it looks out of the place at the moment. Hopefully they’ll really look at home with the new graphics package. :+1:


Oh they used a video wall for weather in Perth last night, and again tonight. It’s horrible. The camera isn’t focused properly so the weather graphics appear on a slant. There are massive gaps in between each plasma screen. The graphics now appear fuzzy and hard to read.

However, tonight, the news presenter also stood up to introduce a few reports from in front of the screen. I really don’t like it.

If this is part of the new relaunch - big FAIL already. So dated, so horrible.


You can carry on about a press release which somehow offends your delicate sensibilities, or you can just accept it as a fact of marketing in the 21st century and waste your time on another topic.

Your constant criticism of minute aspects of ABC is boring.


By the way - I hate false information - what are these constant criticisms of minute aspects of the ABC?

I can count three in probably the last half year:

  • new set (video wall)
  • new senior recruit to ABC news in role of Indigenous editor (Stan Grant)
  • new graphics (use of yellow)

Sorry if that’s minute stuff to you. It’s kind of what this forum deals in.


I’ve deleted a whole string of posts in here. Enough of the sniping. Pull your heads in.


I’m assuming the video wall in Perth is new? I’ve not seen it before.


Probably SD graphics being blown up to HD resolution. 7news Melbourne do it also, however the whole bulletin here appears to be SD produced anyway.


Funny you say that, because people commenting on the blog post thought it was satire! It does sound a bit too descriptive for a font, but then again, designers do write about their creative process and inspiration as @mubd said, or like drawing precise grids for their logos, where it might be complete nonsense, but it’s still nice to see a good amount of effort put into it:

I’m looking forward to this new approach as it hopefully might lead to the uniformity that’s seen with the BBC brand with the one font type style, but in this case there’s a lot of variety in the oneABC font family, and could be expanded in the future. :slight_smile:


Yes. Though it didn’t make an appearance behind the presenter tonight.


Tamara Oudyn presenting live from the CBD tonight in Victoria with Guy Stayner back in the studio to present the rest of today’s news.


Tamara Oudyn presenting live on Elizabeth Street outside the former Melbourne GPO, now the H&M store.


Did anyone record ABC News NSW tonight? Massive blooper at the end from their OB from Parliament House that left Juanita Phillips and Brigid Glanville on air for agesss and they didn’t realise for a while they were still on air! Lights etc turned off but they were told by someone and stood their very awkwardly… Absolutely hilarious.


Removed from iview. Replaced by a solid minute of theme.


Here it is.


Here’s some caps of ABC News Canberra with new presenter Dan Bourchier:


I see the ABC have also changed their tie wardrobe to suit the new yellow corporate colour! :wink: Jokes aside, I like the changes the ABC have been making recently in terms of presenters, as they seem very significant. Chris Bath is lucky to have a new gig with ABC Radio. :slight_smile:


Realistically, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Bath would be considered as a replacement for Juanita Phillips in the future. Still miss her reading the news, but she’s definitely given those guys at Martin Place a wake up call.