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@Biscuit45 what new technology is being adopted?


I had a feeling someone would ask that, and unfortunately I myself don’t know the new technology itself, but the NewsCastStudio article on the rebrand mentions some form of new technology will be adapted, which makes me suggest this may be more significant much like the 2005 relaunch, however it only appears to be just On-Air graphics:

“In addition, new technology for on-air graphics and weather information is being rolled out alongside the new look, significantly enhancing this key content for audiences.”

I myself wonder what this “new technology” will be, and if it will be obvious to us, or will it be more “under the hood” sort of stuff. To take a guess maybe floor graphics?


Uniquely Australian

Our design research revealed that nature plays a significant role in creating iconic Australian design. Based on this we identified key characteristics as design drivers for the work ahead.

First was the connection to the land with a coastal and outback feel. The open spaces of a wide brown land played a significant role. A sense of contrast that is simultaneously austere and rich. A true sense of inclusiveness that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism. And finally that special larrikin mentality that does not take itself too seriously.

It weirdly very much angers me that this complete bullshit was typed up on the taxpayer’s dollar.


Interesting that the Vimeo video of the current look is very different from what ended up on air.

I don’t think we ended up with two line headline supers. I’m kinda sad that breaking news sweep on the top of the screen @ 10 seconds never ended up on air either - looked very CNN 2006 and swish.


i think you’re looking into this a bit too much


Three words instantly come to mind when I think of new technology which would greatly enhance the viewing experience of ABC News.

High Definition production.

Yes upgrading ABC News to HD would be expensive, yes not everyone has access to ABC HD but the current equipment used to broadcast the bulletins in SD widescreen will eventually reach the end of it’s lifespan. Surely we can reasonably justify our national broadcaster spending taxpayers money on a major technological upgrade which will (to an extent, of course) futureproof it’s television news services?

Of course it goes without saying that ABC News produces high quality news services and journalism which Australians can be proud of regardless of the picture resolution, but still… :slight_smile:


You can still produce it in HD and broadcast in SD and it’d look better. No idea why Australia doesn’t produce everything in native HD if they are able to anyway for future use?


When hearing that ABC will be using there own font and simple colours like the yellow it made me think of Good morning Britain. Im not saying they will be exactly like that but ITV’s graphics could of been used as a foundation.


Dan Bourchier takes to the Canberra news desk for the first time tonight.


Most people who work in creative agencies usually write a whole load of creative wank in order to explain what they’ve done for their money, so it’s not just a phenomenon exclusively existing at the ABC.

This kind of bullshitting is not too far off what’s taught in years 11 and 12 at school where you have to write some wanky interpretation of a book.


And he was a bit '‘meh’. Can’t think of another word.


I’m not looking into anything. My eyes glanced over it for 2 seconds while reading the updates to this thread, and then I posted a 10 word comment that probably took you the same time to post yours.

Add up other people putting effort into liking your post, and more time was spent on telling me how much time I should be spending on something, than time I actually spent.


Yes that’s a good description - and as such, really shouldn’t have appeared anywhere publicly.


It’s a PR piece; if it triggers you, don’t read it.


This post is unintentionally hilarious. You’d complain whatever the ABC does or doesn’t do and you complain that my own post has fewer words than yours.


Anyone see Phil Lasker’s report on Trump tonight? Looked like he was standing in front of what could be a new set.


Was it coloured different in any way, or was it hard to see? Any chance the report might be in the Perth bulletin?


See attached


Looks like two video walls…


and not a single ABC set in use currently use two video walls…