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No idea what you’re even on about here. Tinfoil hat time.


There are several meaning to ‘State Broadcasters’ depending of its function and funding.


Just because you aren’t aware of what those terms mean, doesn’t mean I’m tinfoil. It just means you don’t know.


You’re confused.

Two things:
A) It means I don’t know.
B) It means you’ve linked me making a passing remark about the ABC’s new graphics, to individuals who supposedly ‘solidly rebrand, but pretty transparently’ the terms “alt-right” and “gay marriage dissenters”. You’ve linked a statement of an individual, to the motives of some kind of invisible conspiracy group who seek to rebrand certain terms. That is as tinfoil hat as it gets.


You say public broadcaster, I say national broadcaster…

Same difference


I’m simply saying you’re either adopting language to make the ABC sound like a state broadcaster, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility considering your ideological convictions, or you aren’t aware you’re playing into someone else’s word game.



Righty-o then. This is the most bizarre conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard of, and one of the stupidest discussions I’ve ever had on this site.

The main question that begs to be answered is - considering your statement about my (supposed) ideological convictions - why would I attempt to rebrand the ABC as being controlled editorially by a right-wing COALITION government?

In regards to your simples analysis:

  • no, I’m not adopting language to make the ABC sound like the puppet broadcaster of an undemocratic regime. I’ve already explained this, and have no idea what ideological convictions you have diagnosed me as having; and

  • no, I’m not playing into “someone else’s” (ie, a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory about invisible forces) word game about the ABC.


All this nonsense discussion about me comparing the ABC’s new graphics to every other publicly funded broadcaster in the world. Jesus Christ there are some nutcases in this country.


That is very true, but then it comes down to independence. If the ABC is seen to be a mouthpiece for the government rather than an independent body, that only gives detractors of the ABC (from either side of the aisle) more ammo.

Again, it was probably unfortunate wording from you, so I’ll give you that. I have seen idiots out there claiming the ABC is a state broadcaster in an attempt to portray it as working for the establishment (despite it being quite anti-establishment at times). Left-right distinction means nothing nowadays. At every turn, I’ll correct the terminology, because the ABC is independent and thus a public/national broadcaster.


Yeah, dude, I don’t think anyone was confused about this.


Doesn’t matter, I’m consistent :slight_smile:


But you weren’t simply correcting a term - you were implying that I had an ideological reason for supposedly wanting to rebrand the ABC as Malcolm Turnbull’s (and Cory Bernardi’s?) play-thing.


“Some quarters” doesn’t specify you.

It’s either coincidental, or it’s not.


I suspect we can probably move on at this point.


Jonathan Gul presenting ABC News Canberra.


Rare to see Alan Kohler live in Melbourne studio during tonight’s ABC News Victoria. He spoke to Ian Henderson about today’s mid year economic outlook.


Yeah, he did a live cross with Jeremy Fernandez in NSW too. I wonder if he had them lined up for all the state bulletins tonight?


Greg Jennett presenting Canberra.


Greg Jennett presenting in Canberra


Who ever is controlling the autocue isn’t doing very well. Greg pausing after almost every word.