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Paul Higgins back presenting weather on the Victorian bulletin tonight.


Chris Bath a possible replacement for Leigh Sales at 7:30?


Stop hoping for Leigh’s demise. There’s no reason for her to leave.


Whatever you say, mate.


It would be a bit hard for Bathie to present 7.30 given that she will be on radio from 7-10pm.

And it’s not as if she has a reputation for hard-hitting political interviews.


Oh, not immediately.

But I bet she’ll be moved to prime time soon enough.


I know, it’s annoying, I don’t understand the users objection to her, and calling for her to be sacked. There is no grounds. She’s bloody good at her job!

I’m not calling for her to be sacked. She had thr balls to challenge all the politicians on the program. Maybe he can watch sky news if he wants every reporter to side with the current government ?


You’ve answered your own question.

There are times when I watch 7.30 and think they go too hard… on my side of politics. It’s true that some on both sides cannot stand their viewpoint being questioned.

Echo-chambers have been really damaging for political discourse.


Haha, this makes me laugh - I love the trotting out of cliches.

Let’s just get one nonsense remark out of the way first - it has nothing to do with “a side of politics”, or whether someone’s “viewpoint is questioned”.

I’ve watched Leigh very carefully over the years, and if I had to conclude whether she was in any way biased towards a particular side of politics, it’s in favour of the Liberals. She is a little less forceful with their spokespeople, and a little more pushy with Labor ones. So actually I agree with your observation in that respect - probably a good indication that it’s right.

The difference either way however in the scheme of things is negligible.

(Incidentally, this idea that “oh you find her biased”, and “oh, this other person on the other side of politics also finds her biased” therefore “she must be doing a good job” is the biggest load of nonsense ever. It’s often trotted out in discussions about BBC bias - the BBC is clearly biased towards the left side of politics, but because occasionally some extreme left-wing person (for example, someone who thinks the IRA was honourable in murdering civilians) says the BBC is right-wing biased, this is given as evidence that the BBC must be doing it’s job correctly because some people also say it favours right-wing politics. Complete bullshit).

However, not being a biased political journalist is the first baby step.

Her interviewing technique is woeful. It is confrontational, it is erratic, it doesn’t allow the guest to either put forward their point (or conversely make a fool of themselves), it goes down rabbit holes too often.

Echo-chambers I agree are very bad for political discourse, and they are usually found on platforms inhabited by the demographics that favour left-wing politics. That’s why you’ll find twitter a hotbed of echo-chamber left-wing nonsense - not just here, but in the UK (twitter heavily favouring Labour) and US (twitter heavily favouring Democats).

As twitter’s main celebrity pulling power is often journalists (of the political variety) and MPs, this echo-chamber that exists on twitter then affects their reporting, and their views. See, for example, most UK MPs favouring remaining in the EU, even though 52% of the country wants to leave. Or, for example, UK media grossly out of step with the 2015 General Election result.

Having said all this, let me now make two logical points, not just for you matlock, but for anyone that fails to understand reasoning and logic.

  • Just because I resist extreme far left views (devastatingly nonsense views which result in, for example, the Democrats failing to win the Presidency, House of Reps and Senate), does not necessarily mean I am right wing, or extreme right wing in my views.
  • Just because I do resist those views, and happen to think Leigh Sales is not a good host for this programme (which I’ve said for many years, amidst the collapsing ratings for this programme, and the strong promotional push when for years it survived without any), does not mean it is my political views influencing that opinion.

This is the sort of roundabout arguing that many left-wing loonies on twitter are famous for. You think Hillary Clinton isn’t a good candidate? Oh, you must love Donald Trump then. Which then means, you are racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic. Which means of course you don’t like Hillary Clinton.

I wish someone would tell these idiots they are normal-people-phobic.


Guy Stayner presenting the Victorian bulletin tonight.


Tamara is back from holidays tonight


ABC News trying to twist tonight’s report about the poor, innocent people firebombed by a nutcase in the CommBank into some issue about refugees fearing they won’t be given permanent residency.

So predictably pathetic.


I think it was more exploring what might lead someone to commit such a horrific crime in the first place. Nothing pathetic at all about the report as far as I could see.


Even worse. Truly, ten times worse.

Imagine wanting to find an excuse (ie ‘a lead’) for an act like that.

He burned innocent people in a random, unprovoked attack. That’s because he’s a nutcase that should be immediately deported, not because of Liberal Government policy.


I respect your point, but there are sections of the media using this as a way to push an anti-refugee agenda, so it flows both ways.


Really? I thought it was the ABC’s job to produce impartial news.

It flows both ways if for example it was Fairfax (and not the ABC) that wanted to blame the Government for the horrendous actions of a nutcase. However, I don’t think it is the ABC’s job to produce the opposite of what sections of right wing tabloids print.

Incidentally, I find your claim about the media using this to push an anti-refugee agenda very thin. I’ve just quickly reviewed the Herald Sun and Daily Tele pages and I see nothing that could be labelled as an “anti-refugee agenda”.


I’m sure I speak on behalf of the vast majority of sane Australians when I say I couldn’t care less about his background, his refugee status, his Government assistance, or his visa dramas. Just get him out of the country, now.


Gloria Kalache presenting Sunday bulletin in Victoria.


Not blame, just ask how this guy got through the checks and balances.

[quote=“Firetorch, post:286, topic:216, full:true”]
I’m sure I speak on behalf of the vast majority of sane Australians when I say I couldn’t care less about his background, his refugee status, his Government assistance, or his visa dramas. Just get him out of the country, now.
[/quote]I agree.


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So I have some news! Very excited to be joining ABC Canberra as breakfast radio host and 7pm anchor - very excited