ABC News Docuseries


In a landmark ABC News production, this forthcoming series tells the story of politics, ambition and power in the nine years of Coalition government. Following in the tradition of Labor in Power, The Howard Years and The Killing Season this three-part series captures the pivotal moments in the leadership of Prime Ministers Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison – how they gained, used and ultimately lost power. In their own words, key players in this tumultuous period of Australian political history tell all in riveting no holds barred interviews.


An ABC News Production. Reporter/interviewer Mark Willacy. Series Producer Caitlin Shea. Executive Producer Morag Ramsay. Head of Investigative Journalism and Current Affairs Jo Puccini.


Looking forward to this.


According to The Guardian Australia’s Amanda Meade, while Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison sat down with investigative journalist Mark Willacy for in-depth interviews for the ABC documentary, the broadcaster is yet to convince Tony Abbott to agree to take part.

Better get Credlin to do it. She was pulling his strings when he was PM.