ABC News Content and Appearance

Also comes up on Safari on iPhone (which I haven’t used till just now).

Some of the headline fonts could do without the underline and the times new roman look.

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No popup.

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ABC NEWS is updating its homepage experience and design. From July, web users will be able to opt in to experience the new-look website. All web users will see the new design from August 19.

Could this be “Relaunch Day”? It falls on a Monday too… :rotating_light::eyes:

More confirmed titbits:

  • The ABC logo has also changed from black and white to feature a blue background. This is part of the ABC NEWS rebrand occurring across broadcast, social media, website and the ABC NEWS app.

I don’t like the new font and the blue background on the main story. In combination, it’s harder to read that story compared to the old site.

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If it’s a relaunch please bring back the 1985 theme.


There is definitely waaay too much padding, a problem with modern web design generally. The desire to “focus” certain stories in such a prominent way actually just makes it feel so much more cluttered.

It even feels uncomfortable on the phone. Right now, in four full scrolls (if that makes sense), I see 8 stories on the new site compared to 17 on the old site.

As an aside, I’ve been using the ABC news site less and less as they pull more information out of headlines. I know it works for some people, but the “clickbaity” style headlines are just a turn off personally, it makes finding stories to read really difficult and its omething the ABC doesn’t really need to tarnish their excellent news brand with. (Thankfully my browser’s little ‘hover over a link and get a new headline and a summary’ feature makes online news actually browsable)

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New website looks great and is really, really overdue. The current homepage has to be one of the most dated and does not have the basic flexibility for major stories to ‘takeover’ like the Guardian does when there is major news breaking or to cover a significant event eg Queen’s death.

Saying that, the single biggest issue with ABC News online is the dreadful headlines, the focus on scams and down on your luck stories and the limited amount of state news.


They had special graphics and front pages in the past for election night, Queen’s death, royal weddings, etc.

This is the big issue with ABC Online.

Given the ABC has 60 newsrooms in Australia and around the world, there should be multiple stories each day from regional centres, and a few more from the capital newsrooms. They cut local stories on TV for a more digital focus, yet there are still minimal local stories online.


Link to activate the new look:


ABC News in general needs a huge kick up the ass. It should be focused more on statebased news, it has local radio and TV for a reason, it isn’t just a nationalised service.



What’s the point of 7 different bulletins when they all carry the same national reports.

With 60 local newsrooms and digital news gathering - they should offer regional / state news multiple times a day.

Breakfast lunch prime and late

Even if it’s just 5 minute bulletins

It’s such a badly run news org


for the most part they generate feature content, not local news.

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And where does it get seen?

I’ve almost never seen local feature content. Whatever that is


Seriously all the local radio bureaux around the country should be producing local news for digital, not features especially since most local community papers are going out of business.

Why can’t the ABC produce a local opt-in for the 7pm news even if it’s 5 minutes. There’s so many local Melbourne crime stories and car accidents on the Vic news that aren’t really relevant to regional viewers who could be getting a daily summary of news from their regions.


We had one the other week on the Sunday night news. One of the worst produced news packages I have seen with a reporter- who I know has been around for years- but looked like he’d never seen TV in his life.

But yes, ABC seems content for reporters to spend 3 weeks doing a single online story rather than daily news.

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That would take someone thinking big and being innovative.

That’s not ABC’s forte

It’s run by civil servants remember.

More interested in being the anti 9 and 7 than actually innovating and leading.

They have the largest news operation in the nation.

They should be producing tonnes of video content from all local regions to go on apps, websites, social channels, iView and yes on air too.

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Sounds just brilliant. How very ABC.


To be fair it made it to News Breakfast also: Video | Facebook

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ABC needs to be doing MORE LOCAL not less, bringing back regional news - it should be funding criteria by the government.

It needs to take the role that commercial TV cannot service anymore, local and regional news. It doesn’t need bulletins all day but at least a proper local service in the evening and on extensively on digital.


I feel like there was a discussion here some time ago which make it clear this is technologically impossible. Even if it is doable, broadcast tv is dying and it’s not worth the effort. Far better for ABC Warrnambool, ABC Mildura, etc to make their own news wraps for iview, the news app, etc.

The ABC is also terrible at surfacing its own content. There should be a banner on its apps and news homepage to listen/watch major programs like AM/TWT/PM, 7pm news, 7:30, etc when they’re happening.

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