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ABC News NT - Friday;

I like this closer from tonight;

Looks like they have increased the size of the second display for the ABC Rural segment presented weekly by Matt Brann - not sure if this is still happening.


Eden Monaro graphics:


ABC News NT - Saturday;


ACT bulletin tonight:


The Business with studio interview:


NSW bulletin last night:


Is that Byron bay lighthouse on the big screen?

ABC News NT - 17/07/2020 (Presented by Amy Culpitt)

Great coverage of NT border reopenings and cross to a reporter in the studio for breaking news. Shits all over 9 News Darwin in terms of production quality and local content produced.


They can’t cross to a reporter on location? Rather than 2 meters away at the desk?

Haven’t been any virus in the NT for months now and the story didn’t really have a dedicated location it could be based at.

It happened quite late into the afternoon.

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So they can do live outdoor crosses? How often do they do that?

Most live crosses are outdoors.

Studio crosses are rarely done in Darwin. Like 2-3 times a year lol?

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Work Experience kid in the control room at ABC News? Geez a bit all over the shop at the moment.


It’s the same, it’s meant to be able to move around the studio as it’s used for News Breakfast, 7pm VIC News, Offsiders, The World/The World This Week as well.

Nope and either is it in 2020. Ultimo studio operates from 9am till 9pm (After 9pm Sydney is no longer in charge of the News Channel as then broadcasting is transferred to Melbourne then Perth after 11:30pm, on Friday’s Melbourne studios has control of the News Channel from 9pm, followed by Perth at 1am)

Also tonight there was technical problems with the Victorian bulletin. A live cross ended abruptly, while a report by Greg Jennett on a record federal deficit started prematurely.

I love your passion, but you’re replying to posts made last year. Everything has changed.

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Some budget graphics last night:

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From iView. Tonight’s graphs from Alan Kohler. It does seem like it’s an inside joke that he has to come up with an obscure graph every night.

I’m not sure why the forecast for Adelaide was specific for the inner city suburb of Kent Town, in the ACT weather report tonight.

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