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Possibly not the right thread, but wasn’t too sure where else to ask this.

Is there any reason the ABC does not have multi-city regional bulletins in place?
Given the way regional news is going nowadays, I feel the ABC are in a great position to have regional bulletins.

I was thinking about how they have ABC News Canberra and ABC News Darwin and it got me wondering why there isn’t an ABC News North QLD. The entire NQ region has a population of about 500,000, which is much larger than Canberra or Darwin. The bulletin could be broadcast in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, and along the northwestern QLD transmitters. It would certainly be more relevant than the Brisbane bulletin is.

Is it just a matter of funding, or is there some other reason that ABC doesn’t have any regional news bulletins in place?

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One big limiting factor is that there is only one regional feed for each state, so that there is no way to have different programs across different regions.


Yep, there used to be separate “capital city” and “regional” feeds of the ABC’s main channel (only really evident whenever local radio promos were played) but these ended a while ago.

I’d imagine that a lack of funds and infrastructure has something to do with there being a lack of any more expansive local ABC News bulletins on television.


Late reply, but it’s worth filing a complaint on this if you haven’t already. A clear breach of editorial standards.

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I agree. The story came across as a biased puff piece, which is what I thought when I saw it on Sunday night. I’ve watched it again just to make sure, there certainly was very little balance.

I’m not usually one who considers the ABC to have right wing bias (like those who criticise David Speers on Twitter every Sunday morning), but the story seemed to be cheerleading for a GST increase.


I guess as others have said they have state feeds, not local. Would be quite a huge infrastructure hurdle. This is where IPlayer comes in.

Would be awesome to see ABC start to offer regional news bulletins live and on demand on IPlayer accesses vía post code.

NSW could perhaps be split into 6
Sydney & Central Coast
Newcastle & Hunter
North West

And each region get a live 10 minute bulletin at 6.50pm leading into 7pm news

ABC would love to, but they don’t have the budgets, they used to IIRC until early 90s? Maybe late 80s?

It’s something they should do, and should be funded to do…


Only 10 minutes? Personally I think a dedicated bulletin for the capital cities and at least some of the larger regions (from a NSW perspective, certainly Newcastle & Hunter + Wollongong & the Illawarra) would need to be a full half hour.

You can’t tell me with a straight face that not enough happens in a region of five million people like “Sydney and Central Coast” to fill a full half hour bulletin. Sure on some nights you’d probably be looking at local council issues, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing when 11 out of the 13 local government areas in NSW with over 200k residents live in this “Sydney and Central Coast” market. I’m sure there are important stories which happen in these places which currently get minimal (or even no) media coverage but would be worthwhile for the ABC to do reporting on.

If I’m not mistaken, ABC Regional News on TV ended in the mid-1980s.

While such a proposal is unlikely to happen anytime soon, of course I agree it’d be absolutely fantastic if it became a reality.

Something is better than nothing, it wouldn’t replace the 7pm news but just include the hokey local stories like the annual show, council politics and sport.

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Plenty happens. I’d start at 10 minutes and increase to 15 or 30 if successful. Remember this is iView - viewing is probably a little different.

Manning? not sure his last name presenting tonight’s late bulletin.


The Business tonight:


What studio is this?

Same as 7:30 I believe.

Manny Tsigas, originally at SBS. Manny is short for Emmanuel or Manuel.

Sigh. I wish the new background loop was the standard generic one, not this tired graphic from 2014. It’s particularly bad during the Ros Child’s/lunchtime block.

“hotpot suburbs”

geez that’s a bit racist, isn’t it?

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I think it’s time for ABC NEWS to offer state based social news channels for better detailed coverage of politics Covid bushfires etc - all things that need to be drilled into on a state level

Seems Facebook YouTube and twitter should all have state based channels at this stage

fanciful thinking, given ABC’s budget issues currently and to come. Not happening.


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