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That desk is such an awkward shape for that space, the presenter looks squished behind the desk but looks better than sitting opposite the guest. Otherwise it looks great.

Not an attractive set or colour scheme at all

Luckily, it does change colour!

The election graphics and backdrops are getting an outing on News 24 this arvo. 3D trapezoidal patterns. Look really professional.

I’m not sure about the desk but the rest of the new Parliament House set looks pretty good. Excellent use of the tiny space and dare I say it, almost looks good enough to present an edition of 7.30 or Lateline in!

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Budget Night - Tuesday 3 May


7:30pm Budget 2016: The Treasurer’s Speech
Treasurer Scott Morrison will deliver his first Federal Budget speech live from the House of Representatives.

8:00pm ABC News Budget 2016 Special
Leigh Sales hosts the ABC News Budget 2016 special with Political Editor, Chris Uhlmann live from Parliament House in Canberra.

8:40pm ABC News Budget 2016 Special
Exclusive to ABC News 24, Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann present continuing coverage of Budget 2016, analysing the winners and losers and the impact on voters ahead of the Election.

9:30pm Lateline: Budget Special
From Parliament House in Canberra, expert analysis of the 2016 Federal Budget.

10:00pm ABC News

10:30pm The Drum: Budget Special
Julia Baird and a panel of specialists take a close look at the 2016 Federal Budget in a special edition of the program.

11:00pm ABC News

11:30pm Budget 2016: The Treasurer’s Speech Rpt

ABC Remembers the Port Arthur Tragedy

Thursday 28 April

Twenty years on, ABC News remembers the Port Arthur tragedy.

ABC News Breakfast
6.00am on ABC / 6.00am AEST on ABC News 24 & iview

On Thursday April 28 Michael Rowland will co-host News Breakfast from the Port Arthur historic site as the country marks twenty years since the Port Arthur tragedy.

Between 6.00-9.00am News Breakfast will hear from local community members affected by the tragedy and speak to former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer about the gun law reforms that followed.
News Breakfast will also look ahead to the wreath laying and memorial service taking place at Port Arthur later that day.

ABC News Special: Port Arthur Memorial
12.00pm on ABC / 12pm AEST on ABC News 24 & iview
On the twentieth anniversary of the Port Arthur tragedy ABC, ABC News 24 and iview will broadcast the memorial service live from Port Arthur.

ABC News Special (Tasmania only)
7.00pm on ABC
At 7pm (Tasmania only), join us for a special one-hour edition of ABC News, live from Port Arthur. Peter Gee and special guest host Judy Tierney will lead us through never before told stories and we’ll pay tribute to those in the community and their journey over the past twenty years.

I don’t get why the Tasmanian special can’t air on News24 at 7pm as well… It will be of national interest.


Who’s Judy Tierney? the name rings a bell!—april-28-1996

As june approaches, the month when ABC HD is reintroduced and ABC news 24 will be in SD format, does anybody know the exact date of when it might happen?

ABC News 24 played the wrong episode of Planet America on Friday night. A newsreader broke into the show after 20 minutes and apologised and then continued with a news update. The correct episode was played this afternoon.

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News 24 dropping the ball with QLD LNP spill coverage. Still haven’t managed to get a reporter in Brisbane to air since the results were announced. Would be very different if it were happening in NSW.


Is The World permanently only airing for a half hour length now days?

Just tonight because of the problems in Melbourne.

##abc News Special: Indigenous Recognition in the Constitution Discussion Panel

Tomorrow at 2.30pm (AEST) on ABC News 24 & iview - LIVE from Darwin

ABC News 24 & iview will broadcast the Indigenous Recognition in the Constitution: Discussion Panel – live from Darwin tomorrow at 2.30pm (AEST).

The event takes place at the Darwin Entertainment Centre as part of the Garrmalang Festival.

Hosted by Murray McLaughlin, the panel will discuss what it means to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our Constitution.

Panelists will include: Mick Gooda, Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner; Pat Anderson co-chair of the Referendum Council; Olga Havnen, CEO of Danila Dilba Health Service in Darwin and a veteran of working in Indigenous Affairs and Services; and young Larrakia woman Jade Jones-Cubillo from the Northern Territory Indigenous Leadership program, IMPACT.

According to the latest data collected from the ABC’s Vote Compass released today, almost three quarters of Australians believe Indigenous people should be recognised as the nation’s first inhabitants in the constitution.
The results came from nearly 200,000 respondents to Vote Compass during the first two weeks of the election campaign.

##australia Votes: Regional Leaders’ Debate

Wednesday 25 May at 7.30pm (AEST)

The battle for regional Australia… What are our leaders’ plans for the future of the country?

On Wednesday night, ABC Political Editor Chris Uhlmann moderates the Australia Votes: Regional Leaders’ Debate live from Goulburn at 7.30pm (AEST) on ABC News 24, ABC NewsRadio, iview and regional ABC Local Radio.
Discussing the issues facing regional Australia will be Barnaby Joyce (Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the National Party), Senator Richard Di Natale (Greens Leader) and Joel Fitzgibbon (Labor, Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs).

Live from Goulburn, Wednesday at 7.30pm (AEST) on ABC News 24, iview, ABC NewsRadio and regional ABC Local Radio. Repeated on Thursday May 26 at 10.30am on ABC & iview.

News 24 seems to be a little slow off the mark today. Nothing has been said about the Melbourne rally or protest groups clashing in the streets of Coburg.

Im finding the 7 Melbourne News Facebook page is the the best outlet for local news these days.

Reported on the 1pm news

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Now the lead story of the day.