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The Loot Drop

From Saturday 28 August 9.25pm

A new gaming show featuring celebrity guest appearances and the biggest announcements, previews and rumours from across the gaming world.

From the team behind Good Game: Spawn Point comes The Loot Drop - a new weekly video game news and chat show for teens. Gamers will be able to join a “Virtual Studio Audience” on Twitch where live comments will help shape each episode as it’s made!

Every week, long-time gamer, first-time ABC ME host, Nathan Niguidula, will be joined by celebrity guests to guide viewers through the biggest announcements, previews, and rumours from across the gaming world. The show will offer expert opinion, hot takes, unpredictable fun, and encourage those watching live to get involved in the conversation!

Viewers aged 13 or over with a Twitch account will be able to tune in from 4pm Wednesdays (ABCLootDrop - Twitch) to watch live as the show is made. The audience can share their opinions via the chat, with segments of the show dedicated to reading and responding to the best comments. The finished episodes will then make it to air every Saturday night at 9:25pm on ABCME or on demand via ABC iview.

So this show is basically a rebranded Good Game: Spawn Point?

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Seems like it. And hey, the short time difference between Oz and NZ means that you might see a few comments from me, so that’s exciting.

What ever happened to Good Game anyways? Are they still making it?

The original Good Game program was axed in Early 2017…so would’ve been seen on-air last in 2016.

I think Good Game: Spawn Point (the kids/teens version on ABC3/ABC ME) survived a bit longer, but can’t really remember hearing much about it for a couple of years at least.

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ITCH - Season 2

From Friday 17 September 7.00am

When Itch and his friends suspect Greencorp are behind the dead fish washing up on the shores, they set about trying to uncover the truth, leading to a discovery that saves their town from potential devastation.
Something strange is going on in Seaburgh. A boat explosion, and a series of dead fish washing up on the shore has everyone talking.

As rumours swell around the cause of the dead fish, Itch begins to worry that sinister is at play and that Greencorp must somehow be involved.

When the town grows unsettled over the beach being closed and the decline in tourism, the Mayor’s decision to reopen the beach raises alarm. Given there’s been an increase in sick wildlife and more dead fish washing up on the shore, who knows what the highly toxic water might do to humans? But while Greencorp continue to lie and cover up the truth, the Mayor is convinced that reopening the seaside town for business is the best thing.

As the group struggle to find any evidence proving what is contaminating the water, Itch decides that the only way they can be certain is to infiltrate Greencorp from the top down, via company CEO and all‐round bad guy, Mr. Lannister. Luckily, Itch and his friends have never been ones to shy away from a challenge.

Production credits: A Kommixx Entertainment production for ABC ME.

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The International Emmy Kids Awards will be presented in an online ceremony on October 12 at 9am US Eastern Time.

The ABC has pre-bought animated comedy series Goat Girl, which is expected to debut in Australia in 2022.

The new season of The Wonder Gang starts next Monday, October 18.

ABC ME’s First Day adds an Emmy to trophy cabinet


ABC ME series First Day has won an International Emmy Kids Award celebrating outstanding children’s content, adding to its haul of prestigious prizes from around the world.

The win marks the second year running the ABC has claimed the Best Kids Live Action Emmy Award, following the success in 2020 of Hardball. The International Emmy for First Day adds to its international trophies from the Rockie Awards, Rose d’Or Awards, Kidscreen Awards and the GLAAD Media Awards, which celebrate programs for their representation of LGBTQ people and the issues that affect their lives.

The empowering drama series about a transgender girl starting high school, which will return for a second four-part season, has also won an Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Award and received two AACTA Award nominations. First Day has also been embraced by broadcasters around the world, including sales to Hulu in the United States, CBBC in the United Kingdom and in other countries such as France, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Taiwan, Israel, Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand.

First Day, which is available to watch now on ABC iview, was produced for the ABC by Epic Films in association with Kojo Entertainment, and tells the story of Hannah Bradford (played by Evie Macdonald), a transgender girl having to navigate the challenges of starting a new school and finding the courage to live as her most authentic self.

Libbie Doherty, ABC Head of Children’s, said: “ First Day is a stunning team effort with an incredible cast and crew, who have delivered a world-class show with a commitment to creativity and excellence.

“Congratulations to writer/director Julie Kalceff for her brilliant creative vision and producers Kirsty Stark, Kate Croser and Kate Butler for bringing this very special series to screen. Thanks also to ABC Children’s, Screen Australia, the SAFC [South Australian Film Corporation] and ACTF [Australian Children’s Television Foundation] for their support.

“Australian stories are celebrated internationally for their authenticity, honesty and ambition. The ABC is proud to play a leading role in showcasing our homegrown content and creativity on the world stage.”

Kirsty Stark of Epic Films said: “ First Day is the combined effort of our incredible cast, crew and supporters to bring an important story to the screen and we’re so grateful to everyone who has been involved throughout the journey. An Emmy is a significant award and we’re thrilled that even more trans kids around the world will now have the opportunity to see themselves represented on TV.”

The win adds to ABC Children’s golden run at the International Emmy Kids Awards, following success last year for Hardball and Bluey – which are available to watch now on ABC iview.

The full list of winners at the 10th International Emmy Kids Awards is available here.

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Built to Survive - New ABC ME series

Biologist and third-generation Indigenous educator Phil Breslin will lead a new ten-part children’s natural history factual series for ABC ME that has begun filming in Queensland.

Produced by Butter Media, Built to Survive will follow Breslin as he braves some of the country’s most extreme and hostile environments in search of animal species that have evolved to withstand the conditions.

His journey will include consulting with First Nations peoples about habitats and lifecycles, as he explores ecosystems in the remote wilderness of the Sunshine State.

Breslin produces alongside Jerry Butterfield and Dan Walkington, with Mary Ellen Mullane and Bernadette O’Mahony serving as executive producers.

Built to Survive is supported by support from Screen NSW through the NSW PDV, and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, who will distribute the series.

ABC head of children’s production Libbie Doherty said the series would tap into the innate desire of children to better understand their surroundings.

“Aussie kids are adventurers at heart, captivated by our unique land, curious wildlife, and Indigenous knowledge,” she said.

“Phil’s fresh perspective combines all three and takes the ABC ME audience on a wild ride across Australia.”

ACTF head of content Bernadette O’Mahony said the foundation was pleased to support Butter Media as they produce their first children’s series.

“Kids across the globe will enjoy travelling with Phil on his remote adventures and discovering our unique Australian wildlife and how they adapt to their environments,” she said.

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Christmas Movies Stunt

Premiere movies include Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon, Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas, Saving Santa, Elliot the Littlest Reindeer, Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas as well as much loved favourites Paddington, Shaun the Sheep: The Movie, Midnight Gang, Dr. Suess’ The Grinch Musical and the “Wallace and Gromit” films.

Born To Spy

From Friday 10 December 5.00pm

Yu Na and Min Park want more excitement in their lives, but they don’t realise just how crazy things will become when they discover that their once unremarkable parents are actually international spies and have disappeared in suspicious circumstances!

Born To Spy follows siblings Yu Na and Min Park s (Danny Kim and Julia Yon) who want more excitement in their ordinary lives but end up getting way more than they bargained for in a high- stakes secret mission. Yu Na and Min don’t realise just how crazy things can become once they discover that their once unremarkable parents are actually international spies on a mission.

Yu Na and Min wake to find that their parents have disappeared and all that’s left behind is a note at the breakfast table: “Morning my darlings, we’ve had to run out. Keep safe until we return. Trust no one and act normal. P.S Feed the Dog”.

The note’s strange enough, but last time they checked, they didn’t even have a dog! Now, there’s an Alsatian with a name tag that reads ‘Ludwig’ sniffing around the house. While Yu Na and Min work together to “adult” their way through every day they discover they must complete their parents’ spy “to do” list and begin to notice strange people lurking around the neighbourhood.

Deciding they can’t fullfil their spy mission alone, they recruit Min’s drama club friends and Yu Na enlists the support of her bestie, Dutch. This mismatched ragamuffin bunch have to use all their skills to uncover their mission, fight off the baddies, keep themselves alive, save the free world… plus do their own laundry!

Production credits: An Aquarius Films production in association with Buster Productions for the ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with Screen NSW and Cutting Edge. ABC Commercial holds worldwide distribution rights.

Still So Awkward

Linear premiere from Wednesday 5 January 5.00pm

Lily arrives at University to discover that her life – living with Frankie, Samson and Seb, working for bossy Josh, and studying drama with TV star Claire – is still so awkward!

Lily arrives at Burke Hill university feeling out of her depth, everyone looks so cool compared to her, but it doesn’t take Lily long to settle in and makes friends with her new flatmates.

Frankie Simpson is studying art and fashion, and like her artwork, Frankie is unconventional, thoughtful and sometimes a bit odd. Sebastian Faulks-Smythe comes from a world of privilege, whilst a sucker for luxury foods, he is generous and kind but sometimes tells a white lie (which backfires). Samson Rosling is the shy one, he’s studying statistics which means he knows the risk of harm is vastly increased if he leaves his room. Samson might lack street smarts, but he is super intelligent, loyal and a tech whizz.

Lily is studying drama led by the world-renowned lecturer Steve Grinstead, who believes the only relationship his students should have is with their craft. Lily’s fellow student is Claire Fox, famous for her role as an alien in hit tv show ‘Z Gang 5’. Lily can’t believe she is going to be best friends with a celebrity, not that she’s one to bang on about how famous Claire is… Claire has that covered!

Lily lands a job at the campus café working for Josh Cooper. He’s good looking but bossy, annoying, and opinionated. Lily thinks she and Josh have nothing in common, but Josh is also driven, hardworking and fun, so maybe they do?? Coincidentally, Jeff Malone turns up as the Student Welfare Officer. He’s terrible at his job, spending his time listening to music from the 90s or trying to impress Meg Watson, Lily’s scary, rule-loving Hall Warden.


Saturday 15 January 6.30pm

Animated adaptation of Superworm, the children’s story by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Directed by Sarah Scrimgeour and Jac Hamman, from a script by Max Lang and Suzanne Lang.Olivia Colman and Matt Smith provide the vocal talents and tell the story of the super-long and super-strong worm who goes out of his way to help other animals and insects.

Production credits: Magic Light Pictures for BBC One.

I thought it was some sort of Superwog spinoff for a second! :joy:

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Kangaroo Beach Summer Special will air tomorrow (Saturday) at 8.10am, as revealed during ABC’s NYE telecast tonight.

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Malory Towers - Season 2

From Monday 14 February – Daily at 5.00 pm

Based on the Enid Blyton books - adventure, fun and boarding school antics are back in full swing at Malory Towers, with midnight feasts, classroom tricks and lasting friendship.

Darrell and the gang return to Malory Towers for their second form. Adventure, fun and boarding school antics are back in full swing, with midnight feasts, classroom tricks and lasting friendship.

Darrell finds herself caught between fun-loving Alicia and the more cautious Sally, while Gwen discovers new ways to manipulate the girls in the dorm. Ellen Wilson joins Malory Towers on a scholarship, but it takes time for her to warm to the school and her new classmates. Mr. Parker also arrives as the new second form teacher, with Matron and Mam’zelle Rougier returning to keep the girls in order.

However, among the excitement, fun and capers, the girls are brought together by news that shocks them all…

Good Game Spawn Point - Season 13

From Saturday 19 February 9.00 am

The show for younger gamers, by gamers is back! Good Game: Spawn Point (GGSP) is hosted by Gem, Rad and D.A.R.R.E.N. GGSP has the latest game reviews, gaming news, live streams, fun stories from the weird world of gaming and heaps more. Be nice, have fun, and keep gaming!