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That’s a shame, it could’ve aired another day, either side.


Meshel Lawrie’s special was also from a Black Saturday exhibition at the museum, so it was relevant.


Good to know, thanks @JohnsonTV.


Yep, this is the exhibition.

So ABC Melbourne did six outside broadcasts yesterday from different locations. Raf Epstein claimed it had never been done before to such a large extent.


Apart from things like “around the grounds” with the old days of AFL/VFL footy when there were six games all on Saturday afternoon.


I wouldn’t have thought they’re overly comparable. Talkback, multiple on air mics, musical petformance, roving mics, remote locations.

Around the grounds were pretty much plug and play of the day, idiot proof technology from what I understand.


Joel Peterson is going to call Crows-Power matches this year in SA.


Yes, i posted the other day that Jim Maxwell let it slip during the Canberra test.


I was listening to Drive on ABC Hobart on Thursday and was surprised to hear them play the Flight Centre jingle live on the air. I am guessing it was a mistake.


Don’t play songs straight off YouTube, kids.


The Australian reports today that ABC Melbourne drive host Rafael Epstein and Radio National breakfast host Fran Kelly will head ABC Radio’s coverage of the upcoming federal election.