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Same for the 2pm AEDT bulletins.

Weather format finally corrected for 3pm AEDT bulletin.

The 3pm AEDT bulletin was also of a more national focus with stories such as a storm knocking down a high tension line in western Sydney being omitted.

How difficult is it for the ABC Sydney newsroom to understand today is a public holiday?

Same in Bris/Qld, hope the same there.


He was doing social media and features -and fill-in hosting when required.

Cathy was one of the two drive producers, and steps back into that role. And probably also the main on-air fill-in where required I imagine.


Thanks @glen2006, great to know!

Now when will the ‘new’ version website be rolled out to the Gold Coast?

It’s a shame their three weekday shifts of local content is not available to listen back.


You can already do that on the existing website. Under the “Catch up” section on the right of the program pages. Example:


Thanks again @glen2006, strange feeling to click through to listen back and find it’s via the new style site yet the rest of it is not.


ABC Tasmania has been back to a lot of local rolling programming again today with the bushfires getting worse again. When they have been running the national programming it becomes quite difficult to keep up when you lose about 5-10 minutes every 15-30 minutes depending on how much action (and yes I know I could get the streaming versions)

They did mention about a team a couple of times for overnight but they have also had the local presenters going late into the night as required too. Lucy Breaden the former WIN newsreader has been reading many of the emergency bulletins from the TFS. We’re lucky to not be anywhere near any of the fires but they have been doing a good job with the coverage with regular crosses to the BoM and TFS. It’s on all the streaming versions too of both ABC Hobart and ABC Northern Tasmania.


Thanks for the updates, most interesting to read. Are the fires within the Northern Tas signal as well?


The Zeehan and West Coast ones are and the Central Highlands are in the middle so could be either zones but probably half as North Tas.


I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned but after the WBBL final, Andrew Moore farwelled Corbin Middlemas from Sydney is he’s moving to Melbourne to call AFL.

Anyone heard of any other movements of Grandstand commentators?


Corbin has moved across several ABC stations in the past decade. Starting in Perth, he moved to Brisbane (to call AFL alongside Quentin Hull), then to Sydney (where he commentated various sports), and soon Melbourne.

Ali Moore will host ABC Radio Melbourne breakfast tomorrow (February 1). A bit unusual for Jacinta Parsons and Sami Shah to take a day off on only their second week back to host the show.


Faine says it’s the yearly planning day, Ali Moore will do until 10am then cricket on analogue.


According to Radioinfo, ABC Radio Melbourne will mark the 10th anniversary of Black Saturday bushfires with a full day of live broadcasts across the state on Wednesday, February 6. Regular presenters will host their shows from towns affected by the bushfires 10 years ago such as Marysville, Kinglake, and Strathewen.


Good to see they can drop Myf for a day and go local.


Bushfire updates have dropped to hourly and two hourly overnight late yesterday and today in Tas which is a difference from the 15 minutes in the peak times and the 30 minutes ones we’ve had for weeks (on the quarter and three-quarter hour mark with the latter having a cross to TFS).
Joel Rheinberger who was presenting this morning did say they’d have more if needed but as things have settled today we’re at national programming for most of the day, it’s expected to get worse again tomorrow. He did also say that currently they are running the centre (I assume ABC Hobart) 24 hours so they can bring updates to air quickly as required. I’d imagine it will be like that for the next couple of weeks.


I heard this also but I doubt it’s the Hobart operation considering all the updates through the night and most weekends on an afternoon are coming from interstate.
Lachlan Quick is a name that comes to mind that has done quite a few who is Melbourne based.


Queensland is running its own statewide bulletins tonight - owing to the flood emergency in the north of the state. Usually Sunday evenings is a national composite bulletin.


As were Tasmania. Ended up with rolling bushfire coverage from 3PM to 10 PM. No news at 4PM for some reason, Leon Compton went to cross to the news but there wasn’t anything there so he just kept talking instead.
Heard him say “hmm no news on that line, anyway so lets continue…” not sure if the cricket being on had an effect but I have no doubt there would have been a bulletin on RN.

Local news went from 5PM to 10PM which was a nice change.


RMS traffic centre staffer after 3PM bulletin on ABC NSW drive welcomed the new audience in the Illawarra. Have they dropped local drive with Lindsay or on hols due to working through summer on statewide shifts?

Good to read from both of you. It’s a shame it takes a disaster for the resources to be provided to be local.


Did the Myf show air and was Faine’s conversation hour Black Saturday related?


No, we got Meshel Lawrie doing a special from an exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

Faine’s entire program was from Strathewen so yes, Black Saturday related.