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Interesting, he’s been popping up on breakfast too (even today) it looked like thereay have been a bigger role for him.

As I posted in Triple M thread, Lehmo will co-host Hot Breakfast in Melbourne from December 9 for two weeks. So he could have a bigger role on Triple M Melbourne next year.


Righto, don’t usually venture there.

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Due to the bushfire situation near Batemans Bay, ABC South East is airing ABC Illawarra drive on relay this week. They normally take the Statewide Drive.

ABC Illawarra has also relayed its local breakfast & morning programs into ABC South East this week, as the local team on the latter are on some sort of on-air training.



No more networked midday shows :+1:


They’ve almost undone all the dreadful 2017 and 2018 programming decisions with the end of Myf and Bourchier. Sami and Jacinta were never going to work after 774’s terrible handling of Red so I’m glad to see Jacinta takes Afternoons. I hope Sami eventually finds his way to RN.

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Why RN? Is there a particular programme in need of a presenter?

ABC Radio 2020 line-ups

Most of ABC Radio’s line-up changes for 2020 are in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra with little change to programming in other capital cities and regional centres.

The ABC has already announced that Sammy J will be hosting Melbourne Breakfast next year and Sarah Macdonald will be replacing Chris Bath on Evenings in Sydney and across NSW & ACT.

The Afternoon and Drive programs will be extended in all capital cities, except for Perth and Hobart, replacing the 90-minute music and culture show hosted by Myf Warhurst. Myf announced last week that she would not be returning in 2020. There is no change in Perth and Hobart as these stations did not broadcast Myf’s show.

The Director of ABC Regional & Local, Judith Whelan, said the changes reflected an increased focus on locally produced content as well as building more connections between metropolitan and regional audiences.

Ms Whelan said the ABC’s Local and regional radio networks performed well during the year, holding their share and reach across all states and territories.

“We are ending the year with a combined reach of just over three million listeners each week and we continue to be seen as the most trusted source of information by all Australians, no matter where they live,” she said

In Melbourne, Afternoons presenter Richelle Hunt will co-host a new-look The Conversation Hour from 11.00am weekdays with ABC Regional Radio presenter Warwick Long. The one-hour program will focus on issues of interest to both metropolitan and rural and regional listeners across Victoria.

Jacinta Parsons takes over Afternoons and Sami Shah returns over summer to present a national Drive program. He’ll also appear on ABC Radio Melbourne in different roles across the year.

In Canberra, Weekends presenter, Lish Fejer takes over Breakfast from Dan Bourchier. Dan will continue to present the ABC’s 7.00pm television news bulletin in the ACT and will still present occasionally on ABC Canberra. Adrienne Francis moves into Saturday Breakfast and Kim Huynh presents Sunday Brunch .

All networked programs including Conversations with Richard Fidler and Sarah Kanowski, Nightlife with Philip Clarke, Australia All Over with Ian ‘Macca’ McNamara and Overnights with Trevor Chappell and Rod Quinn return next year.

Radio current affairs AM , The World Today and PM also return in their regular timeslots.

ABC Grandstand will continue to cover all the major football codes as well as the cricket over summer. In Melbourne Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann, Angela Pippos and Emma Race pass the pre-game commentary mics to Alister Nicholson and Corbin Middlemas for the 2020 AFL season. Co-hosts will be announced early next year.

Summary of Capital City 2020 presenter line-ups


  • Sarah Macdonald takes over NSW and ACT Evenings from Chris Bath.
  • Continuing: Wendy Harmer & Robbie Buck Breakfast ; Cassie McCullagh Focus ; James Valentine Afternoons; Richard Glover Drive and Simon Marnie Weekends.

For more information on ABC Radio Sydney in 2020 click here.


  • Sammy J replaces Sami Shah & Jacinta Parsons at Breakfast.
  • Jacinta Parsons moves to Afternoons.
  • Afternoons presenter Richelle Hunt will co-present The Conversation Hour from 11.00am to midday with ABC regional presenter Warwick Long.
  • Alister Nicholson and Corbin Middlemas will be hosting pre-game AFL coverage on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Continuing: Raf Epstein Drive ; David Astle Evenings and Libbi Gorr Weekends .

For more information on ABC Radio Melbourne in 2020 click here.


  • No change to line-up.
  • Continuing: Craig Zonca and Loretta Ryan Breakfast ; Rebecca Levingston Mornings ; Katherine Feeney Afternoons ; Steve Austin Drive ; Kelly Higgins-Devine Evenings ;

For more information on ABC Radio Brisbane in 2020 click here.


  • No change to line-up
  • Continuing: Ali Clarke Breakfast ; David Bevan Mornings ; Sonya Feldhoff Afternoons ; Jules Schiller Drive ; Peter Goers Evenings (Mon-Thurs) and Smart Arts (Sundays) and Deb Tribe Weekends (Saturdays).

For more information on ABC Radio Adelaide in 2020 click here.


  • No change to line-up
  • Continuing: Barry Nicholls Early Mornings ; Nadia Mitsopoulos and Russell Woolf Breakfast ; Jessica Strutt Focus ; Gillian O’Shaughnessy Afternoons ; Geoff Hutchison Drive ; Christine Layton Saturday Breakfast ; and Sabrina Hahn Roots and Shoots .

For more information on ABC Radio Perth in 2020 click here.


  • Lish Fejer takes over Breakfast from Dan Bourchier.
  • Adrienne Francis moves to Saturday Breakfast .
  • Kim Huynh presents Sunday Brunch .
  • Continuing: Adam Shirley Mornings ; Paula Kruger Afternoons ; and Anna Vidot Drive .

For more information on ABC Radio Canberra in 2020 click here.


  • No change to line-up
  • Continuing: Jo Laverty Breakfast ; Adam Steer Mornings ; Matt Brann NT Country Hour ; Miranda Tetlow Early Afternoons ; Mikaela Simpson Afternoons ; Liz Trevaskis Drive ; Rebecca McLaren Evenings ; Joel Spry Saturday Breakfast & Mornings ; and Jess Ong Sunday Mornings .

For more information on ABC Radio Darwin in 2020 click here.


  • Jane Longhurst presents Sunday Morning .
  • Continuing: Ryk Goddard Breakfast ; Leon Compton Mornings ; Tony Briscoe The Country Hour ; Helen Shield Afternoons ; Lucy Breaden Drive ; Paul McIntyre Evenings ; Joel Rheinberger Weekends .

For more information on ABC Radio Hobart in 2020 click here.

Summary of national networked programs


  • Conversations with Richard Fidler and Sarah Kanowski (11.00am – 12.00pm weekdays).
  • Nightlife with Philip Clark (10.00pm – 12.00am weekdays).
  • Australia All Over with Ian ‘Macca’ McNamara (6.00am – 10.00am Sundays).
  • Overnights with Trevor Chappell and Rod Quinn all return for 2020 (2.00am – 6.00am weekdays).
  • Weekend Evenings with Christine Anu and Rhianna Patrick.

Networked Radio Current Affairs programs

  • AM presented by Sabra Lane (weekdays at 6.05am & 8.00am) and Thomas Oriti (Saturdays at 8.00am).
  • The World Today presented by Eleanor Hall (12.05 pm weekdays).
  • PM presented by Linda Mottram (6.30pm weekdays).


  • ABC Grandstand returns with blow-by-blow and pre-game commentary covering the cricket, AFL & NRL.
  • Local programs will keep listeners up to date with sporting action in their region.
  • In Melbourne Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann, Angela Pippos and Emma Race pass the pre-game weekend commentary mics to Alister Nicholson and Corbin Middlemas.
  • New co-hosts for the 2020 AFL season will be announced early in the new year.
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But change the god-awful soft content, it’s reminiscent of the final years of 2UE/TLS bfast and the ratings reflect it.

Great broadcasters and producers but being forced a you know what sandwich when it comest to what content they’re tasked to serve up.

Return to Spencer & Steve’s bfast and morning rundowns and you’ll have the content to make it a success.


Can’t speak for snoozenooze but personally I feel that RN would suit Sami more


How long has Macca hosted Australia All Over for? What a trooper!

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He has been presenting the program since at least 1987.

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That’s fine, I’ll keep pushing, why?

I think he’s well suited to tailback, interviews and analysis which RN doesn’t really do. Quite enjoyed his early stints on 774 before the forced pairing for breakfast.

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He seems to be the regular cover for Raf now so I assume he’ll be doing that and maybe for SammyJ

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Time to put him out to pasture. The show is fucking awful.


Chris Bath hosted her last Evenings show on ABC Radio Sydney tonight (she will be filling in on Drive next week).

Jacinta Parsons and Sami Shah are hosting their final breakfast show on ABC Radio Melbourne tomorrow morning.


Andrew Hansen of The Chaser will fill in as breakfast host on ABC Radio Melbourne next Monday, December 9, for the next week or two.


ABC Radio across Queensland is simulcasting the Queensland Gives Variety Concert live from Brisbane tonight. It’s part of the ABC’s annual Christmas appeal - which is this year raising funds for the Rural Fire Service. The event sout at Southbank’s Suncorp Piazza.

Of note - the ABC Radio Brisbane team will be performing a radio play during the evening, written by Evenings host Kelly Higgins-Devine. And ABC News weather presenters Craig Zonca and Jenny Woodward will be performing a musical duet.

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Did anyone hear it?


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