ABC Local (formerly ABC Life)

ABC Life: a new way to connect Australians

The ABC will next week launch ABC Life, a new digital site that harnesses stories from across the Corporation’s many platforms and outlets and presents them in an accessible, independent and engaging way for audiences.
Australians trust the ABC for information that is relevant to their daily lives and engages them in conversations. From its creation, the ABC has been adept at using its platforms and services and embracing new technology to meet that demand.

ABC Life recognises that in a cluttered digital environment, fresh approaches are needed to ensure stories are created, published and shared in ways that are most useful to audiences – making ABC stories as accessible as possible.

Going live on Monday 6 August, the ABC Life site creates a new home to showcase content on issues important to all Australians – work and careers, health and wellbeing, finance, relationships and family – free from commercial agendas.

It brings together curated content from ABC Television, ABC NEWS, ABC Regional and Local, triple j, Radio National, ABC online and our podcasts, supplemented by creative output from the ABC Life team. It utilises the skills of our journalists and content makers from across metro and regional Australia, including the capital cities and regional centres such as Launceston, Orange, the Sunshine Coast and Broome.

Pan-ABC collaborations will deliver much-loved programs to new audiences, including recaps of Gardening Australia and a special series with RN’s Life Matters. The new digital service also features distinctive ABC content such as War on Waste, Employable Me, The Pineapple Project and Ladies, We Need To Talk.
Scott Spark, ABC Life Lead, said the new site will help audiences Australia-wide discover and enjoy the huge variety of distinctive and informative content they expect from the ABC.

“ABC Life builds on the tradition of the ABC tapping into the everyday topics, issues and stories that matter to people. It will look and sound like Australia now, and be free of advertiser interests," he said.

ABC Life was developed within the ABC’s Content Ideas Lab and is part of the Investing in Audiences Strategy to meet the changing needs and expectations of audiences within the ABC’s Charter remit.


I can’t wait for every other website to rail against Aunty for stamping in on their territory.


We know what just about every article in The Australian’s media section next Monday will be about…

They’ve already started

The Australian reported on Monday this week that ABC will spend more than $100,000 of public funds on a new editor of lifestyle platform ABC Life, reporting to the “editorial lead” and creating another layer of seniority at the controversial website. It’s a 12-month fixed-term contract, reporting to ABC Life editorial lead Scott Spark.

Wrong abclife tag in this tweet - check it out :slight_smile:

ABC Life will be merged into ABC Local under the broadcaster’s 5-year plan:


As mentioned in ABC reporters thread, ABC Life’s Tim Fisher was made redundant yesterday.

ABC Life will be renamed as ABC Everyday from this Wednesday, December 16. ABC Life was to be called ABC Local in June but that name had since been abandoned.

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