ABC Family - Programs and Schedules (formerly ABC TV Plus)

Maybe they’re changing the schedule for the upcoming rebrand of the channel?


ABC TV Plus channel will rebrand as ABC Family, with ABC Kids in the daytime then from 7:30pm family titles aimed at older teens and co-viewing titles.


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ABC Family

Your primetime destination for wholesome fun and laughter! Discover family-friendly comedies, captivating documentaries, blockbuster movies and much more. From the hilarious new series Hard Quiz Kids to timeless classics, there’s something for everyone. Tune in from 7.30pm after ABC Kids wraps up for the day and enjoy with the whole family.

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This channel has gone under so many name changes over the years.
Does it not know what it wants to be?

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ABC2, ABC Comedy, ABC TV Plus, and ABC Kids until 7.30pm, now ABC Family.

Good to have one kids channel. It’s as is until 7.30pm, with teen orientated programs after that. Time will tell, but i think this makes sense than the current schedule.


It’s especially convenient considering older kids are much more likely to watch shows online than the younger ones. Glad they’re not messing around with ABC Kids itself.

ABC Entertains just sounds like they’re going back to how ABC2 used to be, which is probably what they should’ve done in the first place instead of going through both the Comedy and TV Plus reskins to middling success.

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30 minute Spicks and Specks? I wonder why it is back to its original length. I hope they continue with the secret song twist from the previous season.

And still only runs until 1am?

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TV Tonight has posted the schedule for the first week of both ABC Family and ABC Entertains.

Ooh, nice to see Rage getting a bit of love on Entertains.

Otherwise, pretty standard schedules all things considered.

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ABC Family, which replaces ABC TV Plus, will be a destination for big kids and their parents, with comedies, game shows, natural history, and movies. Titles will include the sustainable fashion content series Style It Out, family favourites Deadly Mission Shark and Expedition with Steve Backshall, Fresh Off The Boat, the hugely successful, Little Lunch and ABC favourite Tom Gleeson in Hard Quiz Kids.

ABC Family will focus on family friendly and co-viewing content and will broadcast from 7:30pm after ABC Kids finishes each day. The connection of kids and family content allows for a natural flow of programming from pre-school to school age and then broader family viewing in the evenings.

First week of programs

Week commencing 2 June 2024

Monday 3 June
7:30pm Shaun The Sheep: Sheepless Nights Rpt
7:35pm The Inbestigators: The Case of the Curious New Girl Rpt
7:55pm Little Lunch: The Principal’s Office Rpt
8:05pm Fresh Off The Boat: Pilot
8:30pm Matilda And The Ramsay Bunch: The LA Arrival Rpt
8:45pm Style It Out: Animals
9:15pm Back In Time For Dinner: The 1950s Rpt
10:15pm BTN Newsbreak
10:20pm Doctor Who: Rose Rpt
11:05pm Merlin: The Dragon’s Call Rpt
11:50pm Home: The Story Of Earth: Air Rpt
12:50am Horrible Histories Rpt

Tuesday 4 June
7:30pm Shaun The Sheep: Spring Lamb Rpt
7:35pm The Inbestigators: The Case of the Disappearing Deliveries Rpt
7:50pm Little Lunch: The Dress Up Day Rpt
8:05pm Fresh Off The Boat: Home Sweet Home-School
8:30pm Matilda And The Ramsay Bunch: The Movies Rpt
8:45pm Deadly Mission: Shark: Shark Saviours
9:15pm Expedition With Steve Backshall: Arctic: Frozen Frontier
10:05pm BTN Newsbreak
10:15pm Doctor Who: The End Of The World Rpt
11:00pm Merlin: Valiant Rpt
11:45pm Good Game Spawn Point: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mobile Games, And Introducing Gem! Rpt
12:10am Good Game Spawn Point: Fe, Celeste, And Rad Goes To Space! Rpt
12:40am rage

Wednesday 5 June
7:30pm Shaun The Sheep: Strictly No Dancing Rpt
7:35pm The Inbestigators: The Case of the Missing Solar System Rpt
7:50pm Little Lunch: The Ya Ya Rpt
8:05pm Fresh Off The Boat: The Shunning
8:30pm Matilda And The Ramsay Bunch: The Monster Party Rpt
8:45pm Mythbusters “There’s Your Problem!”: Hygiene Hijinks
9:10pm Robot Wars: Episode 1 Rpt
10:10pm BTN Newsbreak
10:15pm Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead Rpt
11:00pm Merlin: The Mark Of Nimueh Rpt
11:45pm Good Game Spawn Point: Alto’s Odyssey, Drone Gaming, And The Discovery Tour By Assassin’s Creed Rpt
12:10am Good Game Spawn Point: Moss, Scribblenauts Showdown, And A Sea Of Thieves Let’s Play! Rpt
12:40am rage

Thursday 6 June
7:30pm Shaun The Sheep: Who’s The Caddy Rpt
7:35pm The Inbestigators: The Case of the Distressed Dancer Rpt
7:50pm Little Lunch: The Monkey Bars Rpt
8:05pm Fresh Off The Boat: Success Perm
8:25pm Matilda And The Ramsay Bunch: The Beach BBQ Rpt
8:45pm The Secret Life Of Our Pets
9:30pm Style It Out: Animals Rpt
10:00pm BTN Newsbreak
10:05pm Doctor Who: Aliens Of London Rpt
10:55pm Merlin: The Poisoned Chalice Rpt
11:40pm Good Game Spawn Point: Ni No Kuni II, Gamer Life, And Sea Of Thieves! Rpt
12:05am Good Game Spawn Point: Subnautica, Kirby Star Allies, And Nintendo Labo Hands-On! Rpt
12:30am rage

Friday 7 June
7:30pm Shaun The Sheep: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
7:35pm Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures: A Charhound Chase
7:50pm The Strange Chores: Invite The Monsters Season 3 Premiere
8:00pm The Crystal Maze: The Derry Girls Rpt
8:50pm Deadly Predators: Shark Rpt
9:20pm Officially Amazing Rpt
9:45pm Supernatural Academy: Parallel Lives - Part A Rpt
10:05pm BTN Newsbreak
10:10pm The PM’s Daughter: New Normal Rpt
10:35pm Phoenix Rise: Second Chance Rpt
11:05pm Phoenix Rise: The Boiler Room Six Rpt
11:35pm Good Game Spawn Point: Detective Pikachu, Nova Flow, And A Learnscursion!
12:00am Good Game Spawn Point Rpt
12:25am rage

Saturday 8 June
7:30pm Hard Quiz Kids Series Premiere
7:55pm The Crystal Maze: Big Narstie, Dame Kelly Holmes, Greg Rutherford, Jorgie Porter & Alfie Deyes Rpt
8:45pm All-Round Champion: Freestyle Skiing Rpt
9:35pm Officially Amazing Rpt
10:05pm The PM’s Daughter: It’s Complicated Rpt
10:30pm Phoenix Rise: King of Cov Rpt
11:00pm Phoenix Rise: Catch Feels Rpt
11:30pm Good Game Spawn Point: Nintendo Labo, Masters Of Anima, And Gamer Life! Rpt
11:55pm Good Game Spawn Point: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery And LABO Robot Kit! Rpt
12:20am rage Guest Programmer

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The Strange Chores - Season 3


Friday 7 June 7.50pm

Everyone’s favourite team of teenage monster hunters-in training are back to give household chores a supernatural twist! The Strange Chores turns ordinary life upside down, twisting the dullest parts of a kid’s life into a crazy tangle of monsters, magic and mayhem.

Same strange family. New Strange Chores!

Finally finding a balance between their ordinary lives and their secret after-school adventures, season 3 sees friends Charlie, Pierce and ghost girl Que ascend to the next level of their training as they are now called upon to do chores for the monsters themselves - each with their own weird, eerie and irreverent odd-jobs.

From stealing a dragon’s tooth for the Tooth Fairy, delivering party invitations for Dracula, and hanging out with the son of Hades, to work experience at the Ministry of Monster Hunters, evicting a gang of life-size mutant (but cool) Cockroaches and protecting Wolfman from the 3 Little Piggies - the gang quickly discovers that monsters have even stranger chores than they could ever have imagined!

Production credit: The Strange Chores is a Ludo Studio and Media World Pictures production for the ABC, starring Charlotte Nicdao, Michael Philippou, Cash Gallagher-Ruru and Nick Tate. Principal production funding from Screen Australia, in association with VicScreen and Screen Queensland. Created by Daley Pearson and Charlie Aspinwall, Directed and Designed by Scott Vanden Bosch. Writers: John McGeachin, Luke Tierney, Alix Beane, Magda Wozniak, Nicholas Lin, Francis Stanton and Lauren Brown. Executive Producers Charlie Aspinwall, Daley Pearson and Colin South. ABC Executive Producer Jo Boag. Head of ABC Children & Family, Libbie Doherty. Produced by Carmel McAloon, Co-Produced by Lauren Brown. Animation Director Canaan Mendelsohn, editor Lora-Mae Adrao, 12field Studio Manager Kelly Lynagh. Music by Joff Bush, Daniel O’Brien and Joseph Twist. International Distribution by Boat Rocker Studios.

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This would be good except I’ve literally just finished streaming the whole series :expressionless:

First Sunday of the schedule

Sunday 9 June

7:30pm Movie: Pokemon Detective Pikachu
9:10pm Fresh Off The Boat: Pilot Rpt
9:30pm Fresh Off The Boat: Home Sweet Home-School Rpt
9:55pm Fresh Off The Boat: The Shunning Rpt
10:20pm Doctor Who: World War Three Rpt
11:00pm Merlin: Lancelot Rpt
11:45pm Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker! Rpt


Going by the Foxtel TV guide, looks like the channel will run 24/7 instead of closing at 2am from 3 June.


Well TV Plus didn’t seem to last long! I had high hopes for it but it didn’t eventuate.

If they were to go back to ABC2 they could split the programming up, kids in the morning and family in the evening.


At least ABC TV Plus lasted a bit longer than ABC Comedy did.


I think it lasted about a year from memory??