ABC and SBS On-Air Presentation


Has anyone capped the Lunar New Year bumper they’ve been airing at the start of ad breaks?

SBS (main channel) - Programs and Schedules

Have now!


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Saw it a few times last night and liked the nice little animation on it.


New On Air Graphics …


Break bumpers:

Classification graphic:


World Watch:



Looks good!


Sponsor Billboard:


Video of some of the elements of the rebrand seen across Saturday.

Includes two long station ident/promos at 7:20 and a new version of the Code of Practice advice at 5:30




More billboards:

Classification PRG:



Brilliant package. Looks fantastic!


The classification bugs themselves look similar to Seven’s, but with the consumer advice look similar to 10’s.


New on-air graphics as of today.



ABC (main channel) - Programs and Schedules

Now they can start work on that awful ABC Comedy look


A couple more from tonight:


Was just thinking last night while watching that an ABC main channel relaunch would be nice, a good refresh here. The box reminds me a little of the logo that The Checkout used during their last couple of years for some reason.


It had been approximately 4.5 years (with the previous graphics being launched under the #ourABC tagline on 20/7/2014) since the last one, so it’s a much welcomed refresh from the ABC’s main channel! :slight_smile:


I like the white outline box :+1: but when they add the white background box at the bottom for the day and time it looks like an old polaroid photo so it looks a bit dated.


Classification information, which correct me if I’m wrong but I believe hadn’t been updated since the 2011 ‘Think Entertainment’ rebrand, back when it was called ABC1


Yep, that’s correct.




Classification Warnings: