AACTA Awards

Also ridiculous that the entire list of winners is made available at the start of the telecast.

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That’s the fault of the academy. The winners list is meant to be embargoed so it can be published in the first edition of today’s papers.

Maybe people simply don’t care for the awards and don’t want to watch them.


No one should know except whoever has counted the votes.

The awards have very little meaning to anyone outside the industry and need other huge overall, including a new name.

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Then why people care about the Golden Globes, the Oscars and (to a lesser degree) the BAFTAs?

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Putting aside the terrible production of the show itself, the Australian film industry is so tiny, there are barely enough films to go around the award categories. There just isn’t enough competition. Each year it seems that one or two walk away with the majority of the awards.

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Because they are seen as the industry’s best awards and there’s the touch of Hollywood glamour to it, the Australian movie (and TV) industry doesn’t have the same resonance


There were over 30 films in contention for Best Film this year. But sadly, many of them were not shown at the cinemas for that long, and given next to no promotion.

And for the coverage to cut out some tv awards from telecast is a joke. Best Drama was not shown. Perhaps cause none were from Commercial Television?

Too many segments from the green room too,. And little to no clips of nominees for the major awards.

Foxtel congratulates its 2019 AACTA winners

Foxtel has congratulated its 2019 AACTA winners after a haul of 15 Awards were received at this week’s ceremonies, held in Sydney. The wins for the company were spread across Drama, Lifestyle and Sports.

“This huge line-up of wins for Foxtel is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved both on and off screen,” said Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television.

“As a proud Australian company, Foxtel is committed to showcasing local content and to supporting our gifted storytellers with a diverse and rich slate of programming across a number of genres. We are honoured to be recognised by the Academy and the voters,” he said.

Foxtel’s landmark drama series Lambs of God led the 2019 AACTA Awards season, receiving a record 8 Awards including Best Tele-feature or Mini Series, Best Direction in a Television Drama for Jeffrey Walker and Best Cinematography in Television, Best Hair and Makeup, Best Production Design in Television, Best Original Score in Television, Best Sound in Television and Best Costume Design in Television.

Scott Ryan , the creator, writer and star of hit series Mr Inbetween took out the AACTA for Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama. This follows on from his 2019 TV Week Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actor.

Foxtel also had a major win in the lifestyle category with fan favourite series Love It or List It Australia securing the nod for Best Lifestyle Programme. The realty/renovation series hosted by Andrew Winter and Neale Whitaker has just concluded its third season.

Andrew Winter also won the AACTA Subscription Television Award for Best Male Presenter for his work on Love It or List It Australia and Selling Houses Australia on Foxtel’s LifeStyle Channel.

Highly regarded sports presenter Yvonne Sampson went home with AACTA Subscription Television Award for Best Female Presenter for her hosting role on Fox League.

Fox Sports secured the AACTA Award for Best Sports Coverage for its Test Cricket Live of Fox. With cricket season well underway, the Award-winning team is back for a huge summer of cricket on Fox Cricket.

Foxtel programs also swept the Best New Talent category, with Marco Aloisi winning AACTA Subscription Television Award for Best Male New Talent for his incredible debut performance in Fighting Season. Asha Boswarva was awarded Best Female New Talent for her work on Lambs of God.

Foxtel has also announced an extension of its major sponsorship of AACTA until 2022.

Brian Walsh said, “As a proud partner of AACTA we are grateful for the opportunity to honour Australian content during the award season and all year long. I am delighted Foxtel is extending our partnership, with a new multi-year agreement to continue as the major sponsor of AACTA”

An extended edition of Wednesday’s ceremony, including categories not aired on Seven, will be shown on Foxtel Arts tonight at 7.30pm AEDT.

wish an extended edition was shown on Seven (or 7two) also…

This was a mess. Who thought this was a good way to do it, throughout the whole show? Lots of inane chatter which is hard to hear in a noisy room.

Meanwhile, so many awards for high profile shows and movies are just mentioned, not shown. Ridiculous.

If you all want to watch what the mess was about, it will be replayed on 7two in one hours time (12.30pm). Well, in Sydney anyway. Why not show the full replay in that slot, instead of the 90 minute version?

The point of the host is to engage the viewers in the room, and those at the auditorium. Prices weren’t cheap to be there. To see the host for 1 minute (30 seconds at the beginning and 30 seconds at the end), and see one musical act is ridiculous.

And people wonder why Australian movies aren’t doing that well. They aren’t even represented that well at the AACTA Awards ceremony. And arent these awards sponsored by Foxtel? So pay more in the sponsorship, and air the whole thing on Seven :stuck_out_tongue: And you can get Best Drama shown on Seven, where most the shows are on Foxtel…

I’m glad someone is saying something about how bad the AACTAs were.

Is it correct to say that Seven won no award at the AACTAs of Logies this year?

Does The Front Bar count?

It is made by Mick Molloy’s Front Bar Productions for Seven.

Monday’s Luncheon barely makes a blimp into any news reports, unfortunately.

Nominations for the 9th AACTA International Awards have been announced.

At the awards last week, there was an award for “Best Asian Film”. I know they are there, due to sponsorship, but shouldn’t that award be part of these International Awards?

Why do they waste their time on an separate International Awards when the domestic show is so rubbish now? They need to concentrate on fixing up the regular awards show.

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