A Current Affair

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ACA: Always breaking the big stories… :confused:


And to think that they rate better than ABC News (at least in Sydney).


That’s a new low in journalism for ACA.


Perhaps this thread should be moved out of the Nine News section and into the Nine Network section.


From the Nine News Regional thread

Since when ACA moved back to Sydney? I thought it was still presented from Nine News studios at Docklands in Melbourne?


Since the 2012 relaunch.


Seems to almost be that same reporter each time too… that one with the oversized head and constipated script reading VO’s.


Ratings are dropping. Must be time for another story on Muslims. No need to wait. ACA creates one for you tomorrow night by sending a reporter to a mosque to stir up controversy. :rolling_eyes:


Leila McKinnon hosted last night.


@nationalnews Leila also hosting again tonight.


Deborah Knight presenting ACA tonight.


Yet another instance where the quality of the presenter is better than the program’s content!


By far.


Luckily Queensland misses out on ACA on Thursdays and Fridays at the moment - not even shown on 9GEM AFAIK even though there is easily a place in the schedule for it.


Don’t get me wrong, I quite like Deb, but I feel this show isn’t cut out for her style (same could be said about Tracy Grimshaw tbh).


Deb Knight hosting again tonight.


Great presenter on a Not-So-Great show.


Are we going to say this every night?


Yes, we need a good ‘ACA is crap’ circlejerk /s.


Perhaps if we ignore it, it will go away?