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I agree. Branching out into a regional area is a great idea.

The usual system of whoever gets to the local park (usually in the outer suburbs of a major metropolitan area) first gets the hampers is very tacky IMO. What sort of chances do elderly or disabled people usually have in getting a hamper that way?


Leila McKinnon is hosting whilst Tracy is taking a short break.


God some of these newer “reporters” are terrible. Walking- sorry chasing robot autocue readers. Talking slow does not improve your story FYI


The “number one’s” just keep on coming :confused:


No. 1 for great buys (for advertising), dodgy businessmen, miracule drugs, the pensioners, battlers (who are being picked on by the authorities and anything that gives them a chance to show some gratuitious nudity or senseless violence), welfare cheats, shonky tradies… I could go on ad nauseam but I seriously can’t be bothered. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and this guy. Who could forget him?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Leila filling in from Monday.


Annual 2016 tv report tonight. Usually positive for Nine and Ten and negative for Seven.


As far as I can tell, this report didn’t air tonight. Probably tomorrow.

Hopefully they’ll mention how big of a flop Australia’s Got Talent was.


Whatever you do, don’t mention Reno Rumble, The Briefcase or 60 Minutes to anyone at Nine.


@Sifon that report on 2016 television shows is on tonight’s show.


Watched a fleeting couple of minutes. Beating up Nine’s ratings and bashing down Seven’s ratings.


There seems to be a pronounced bias towards Nine and against Seven, with a few nice things said about Ten.


I don’t mind watching it each year. I noticed that with no Ten breakfast show to laugh about getting axed the heat was on Sunrise. Not too sure if they got the Today Extra bit right but Andrew Mercado is right about @blackbox’s Studio 10, it will be a threat to Nine and Seven soon.

Bias? Yes, but what do you expect. I think Seven and Ten would do the same TBH.


Tracy returning for 2017 on Monday January 30.


Top left of the computer screen… whoops! :flushed: :flushed:


…and some of the comments “on the screen” (if they can digitally insert it, surely they can blank out some of the dodgier stuff?) aren’t exactly 7pm family friendly viewing especially in HD! :open_mouth:


Yeah, it was clear as anything on my HD TV!

It’s weird as they were blurring every other shot of the computer screen before this shot appeared, but they seemed to have missed this one.




Monday at 7.00pm

Australian woman Tori Van de Stadt was left to die by the side of a road while on holidays in Bali.

The 25 year-old was violently knocked from her scooter and slammed into a tree in a horror hit and run accident on the island paradise.

Left for dead in a ditch, it would be hours before help arrived.

In a world exclusive, Tori tells Tracy Grimshaw of her inspirational fight to stay alive.

Suffering a split jaw; smashed eye socket, nose and palate; and many missing teeth, it’s a miracle Tori survived.

For the very first time, she recalls the emotional details of the tragedy that almost killed her and the remarkable efforts of the Aussie surgeons who rebuilt her shattered head.




Tomorrow at 7.00pm

In a special episode of A Current Affair to air tomorrow night at 7.00pm on Channel Nine, Aussie women line up to win the heart of loveable father of two, John, from Married at First Sight.

John signed up for Married at First Sight, looking for a second chance at love, after divorcing his childhood sweetheart with whom he had two daughters.

The 53 year-old never thought he’d be single at his age, so along with 19 other hopefuls, agreed to take part in Australia’s ultimate social experiment.

John was matched with Deb, who made no secret of the fact that she was looking for a Polynesian non-smoker.

On last night’s program, the pair went their separate ways, leading to an outpouring of support for John from women across Australia eager to win his heart.

Tomorrow night on A Current Affair, we send John on a super-charged blind date, by inviting him out for a night with a group of suburban single ladies.

Will it be love at first sight for John?



That’s a no from me.