7NEWS Regional (formerly Prime7/GWN7 Local News)

They could do a GTS/BKN approach.
Broadcast the metro bulletin live at 6:00pm and broadcast the local news at 7:00pm on 7two.

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I guess we’ll agree to disagree. I honestly can’t see how it’s better for Seven to butcher a flagship bulletin than to let it go to air as intended.

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What has changed? By “they” do you mean all 7TWO stations including metros or just affiliates? If they can opt out for ads why can’t they opt out for programs?

7TWO for 7QLD is now a single 7QLD wide feed and not the formerly separate 7 local markets it was before the move to the NPCmedia playout centre is what tv_lee is trying to say. Which is why the replay of 7 Local News from 6.30pm and replay of the metro cutdown from 7pm on 7TWO in QLD was dropped.


I know 7flix would be, but is 7mate also statewide in RQLD?

Yes it is. In 7Regional land however 7, 7two and 7mate are local feeds, with 7flix statewide.

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Doesn’t 7flix have a feed for northern NSW, one for southern NSW and one for regional vic?

Yeah they have a Northern NSW feed I think it’s the same feed across Northern NSW cause I see ads for GC/Northern Rivers, Mid North Coast, New England, and Hunter/Central Coast all on 7flix Lismore.

GWN weather slide now has a (stretched out) logo on it.

Livestock/Grain report in front of the background:


Slightly better than blank with Shauna Willis :joy:


Jesus all of those caps are cursed


Obviously would need some added infrastructure.

Canberra graphics dept., is that what you got for WA Weather? :grin:

Yeah not a fan of this new backdrop at all. Very cheap looking and the fact they’re wheeling it around the ‘office’ to use for reports is just weird. Sigh. This isn’t what I had in mind with the Seven takeover. How did we get to the point where SCA’s cheapest news bulletin has better production quality?

Honestly, not hating on the bland newsroom backdrop now. It was plain but at least it was real.


Better than the hybrid version at WIN News a few years back, how was one going to guess that was a newsroom if it just looked like an office building from outside?

They should have said Weather with the weather reader name and the western Australian weather at the end of the weather report similar to 7 news Queensland

It could be just a temporary transition…. A lot of things are currently on hold until next year, apparently due to Sydney moving into its new News HQ.


The Spencer Gulf bulletin only has a quality set because it’s (sensibly) piggybacking off the resources of 7 Tasmania. If they were still based in Canberra all you’d be getting would be a dodgy stock image smacked onto a green screen.


Have you watched it??


But would we be graced with the amazing presence of John Hunt?

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