7Food Network

Well, that one rates better than 7Food Network, so they’re onto something.

Well, obviously when the contract ends. :roll_eyes:

Well, having a channel that doesn’t rate and doesn’t turn a profit also defeats the purpose of having it at all.

Hence my point, aren’t Scripps also paying them a fee

Huh? Why would Scripps pay Seven to take their programs? Seven would be paying Scripps for the content.

I thought it was more a carrier partnership, no?

What’s a “carrier partnership”? :confused:

Seven buys content for it’s channels and charges advertisers to pay for it and hopefully make a profit. The Food Network is a package where Scripps has given them almost all the content.

SBS had it but obviously wasn’t turning a big enough profit, so they ended the contract and decided to try something else. They probably thought they could create SBS Food at a cheaper price and be more successful. We don’t know what the difference in cost to run it is, but it’s certainly rating higher so you’d assume they are charging advertsers more now.


9Life is the same but with HGTV content. Scripps has worked with 3 networks like this now. I wonder if they’ve ever approached Ten?

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From Foxtel community (issue arose when discussing availability of upcoming SBS World Movie Channel)

Channel Seven has advised that the 7Food channel would remain exclusive to free to air broadcast and 7Plus.


This line-up shows not a lot of new content at all. 80% repeats


You start your guide at 7:30pm, however Chopped at 6:30pm are new. 7Food are about three seasons behind so there are a ton of new episodes.

Was it more new when it was on SBS?

A new season of Hell’s Kitchen (even though was played years ago in America)

New to free to air ? Never been on free to air ?

New episodes of Mystery Diners? Surely SBS has aired all of them at least once!

I just go by the guide. Perhaps they have aired elsewhere.

I have seen new episodes through my us cable subscription so there is technically new ones just not sure when we get it down here.

Hell’s Kitchen moves to Mondays, a couple of season finales and a bunch of new shows for Wednesday nights and 1 for Saturday night


It’s about time 7 either dumped the channel altogether. Or rebrand it and widen its scope to include travel and other lifestyle crap. While being different to 9 Life.

Maybe they are contractually obligated to continue the Food Network branding and content.


For at least a year, you would think.

7 LifeStyle would be better.


The IP Australia database shows that Television Food Network, G.P. which owns Food Network has lodged an opposition to Seven’s trademark application for 7Food. I wonder why? There has been no opposition lodged against Seven’s application for the 7 Food Network trademark.


They are probably assuming 7 are going to drop their content the same way SBS did. Surely SBS would have more of an issue with 7Food, it could easily be confused with SBS Food.