Has done all week so far.

7:30 is shutting up shop for 2022 on Thursday 22 December. It will be open for business again Monday 9 January 2023.

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I hear they’re doing a proper clean out of the deep fryer over the break.

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Laura Tingle hosted tonight.

Laura is hosting this week and next week, up to the year’s final episode on 22 December.

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Generally Laura would host most of Jan, perhaps Sarah prefers more time in December off, and back early Jan, Sales retuned late Jan usually.

She was terrible whilst interviewing the QLD police commissioner last night. Ummed, arghed and stuttered through the whole interview while looking down at the desk.

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Normal interview style really isn’t it?

I find Tingle umms and arghs a lot whenever presenting anything live (eg. also in live crosses). I’ve always found her a little overrated, maybe a good journalist but not the best broadcaster imo :man_shrugging:



i fully agree… she has never really been good on-air talent.

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David Speers will host this week.

Yeah not the best performance however I did like her performance throughout Covid, as did many viewers.


Would appear that Laura Tingle is presenting this week. I assume SF back next week or the 30th Jan which is generally when Sales returned.

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This thread has been an interesting read.

No surprise it got the notice of news.com.au

‘F**khead territory’: ABC star explodes after being trolled over rental question

Laura Tingle will be hosting the short 2 day week for the program this week, one would assume SF is back on deck next Monday.


Wasn’t a fan of that interview. Producers would have been better off sticking to perhaps 3/4 key topics rather than about 10 alongside the gotcha stuff. Awkward sign off too.

Logo looks better in B&W