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How are people liking Sarah in the role so far?

Personally as outstanding as Sarah is, I don’t feel she is a good feel for the style/format of the program.

Tuesday 26 July -
Sarah Ferguson will interview Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in the Parliament House studio.

Canberra set


Perfect fit for the program. Watch the Howard interview from yesterday. She destroyed the old fossil.


It was brilliant, yet still the Labor twitter trolls complained.

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Sarah’s a lot more ‘old-school discipline’ in her presentation style compared to Leigh. Both are good but Sarah stands out more because she drills the politicians no matter which side they’re from and takes no crap from anyone.

Leigh was great during her tenure but in this day and age a stronger presenter with tough credentials is much more desired especially with most of mainstream media being rather light on pollies these days.


Sarah just signed off the show for the week remarking that the past week was “beyond satire”. Even more interestingly, she then teased some major stories next week and said people should watch out for the promos.


I think Leigh was too light and soft on many politicians, particularly those from the Liberal Party. I also think she let her biases show through much more than she should have done.

Sarah Ferguson’s interviewing the Chinese ambassador tonight from the Parliament House studio. This is going to be a fun watch to see how Sarah tears the CCP rhetoric down.


An external editorial review of the ABC’s economic election coverage, by the press gallery legend Laurie Oakes and the former head of the Australian Industry Group Heather Ridout, had only praise for 7.30’s political editor.

“The importance of Laura Tingle to 7.30 was demonstrated in the campaign,” Oakes and Ridout said. “The way she used her knowledge, experience and authority in reporting, analysing and providing context for issues and events helped to solve what used to be a real difficulty for the program – how to differentiate its coverage from what viewers had just seen on the news.

(the article on Laura is second item from top)

Wednesday 21 September -
Laura Tingle hosting tonight.

Monday 26 September to Thursday 29 September -
Laura Tingle hosting this week.