64th TV Week Logie Awards 2024

i think they’ve thrown the rule book out these days :man_shrugging:


I feel like Deadloch came out ages ago but it was only last year?

That was never a rule. I’m sure actors or first time hosts have been in other categories before.

It was a stupid idea to combine popularity categories and peer judged awards to create shonky “Best” categories. How are they best exactly?

You’re relying on streamers being honest about thestreaming success of shows. I dont think this data is regulated.


There’s a complicated way that nominees were selected. We dont know what the assessment criteria was but I suggest it was based on names being put forward by the network, the ratings of the show were considered and then a panel decided which of those names should be included. Not very scientific .

SBS and NITV receive six Logie nominations

SBS’ ‘Alone Australia’ and ‘Safe Home’ and more could be going home with awards.

The 64th TV WEEK Logie Awards nominations are in and SBS has received six nominations after an incredible year of drama and reality programs.

Four-part drama Safe Home has walked away with three nominations, including Best Lead Actress for Aisha Dee (The Bold Type) and Best Supporting Actress for Mabel Li (New Gold Mountain, Erotic Stories). Alongside this, Alone Australia is up for Best Competition Reality Program, Eddie’s Lil’ Homies, which premiered on NITV and Netflix earlier this year, is in the running for Best Children’s Program and Erotic Stories is going head to head with Safe Home for Best Miniseries or Telemovie.

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Marta Dusseldorp, in particular, was a big snub.

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Logies comp for those who vote


i went through the voting form but when it asked for my date of birth, i thought that’s a bit of an overreach. Why do they need a date of birth to register a vote? Ask for a year of birth, or select an age range, sure. But why do they need our date of birth?

I don’t even want the car. Can I vote without entering the competition?


“Who’s the king of The Hundred? Andy’s racing for gold”.

Different style to the other promos


Getting in early with a promo for the awards.


Why did Sonia take Chris off a table with HYBPA people like Kitty and Sam, also Larry and Delta next to Robert (Irwin)?

In the second promo, why was the name on top of table 2 blurred?

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It’s obviously generic just to get the extra curious excitement. Plus as there’s no surnames, they aren’t naming any actual celebs.

I assume either:

  • to generate excitement of a potential special guest
  • or maybe legally they had to remove a name (e.g Ben Cousins, BRS etc)
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Given Seven have been promoting Ben Cousins very frequently recently for DWTS, I highly doubt that his name would be blurred.

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Vote Larry for Gold!!

When you watch the promo, it’s blurred because Chris doesn’t want to sit next to the unnamed celeb, so he pays Sonia to move him.



It’s a joke, Joyce.

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Not sure you guys should be taking this so seriously.