60 Minutes


I wonder why they didn’t air this last Sunday in ratings period? I think it’ll be really good.


Interesting who isn’t coming back for an interview: Mike Munro and Tracey Curro for a start, it seems.


Tracy did feature.

Was a great look back.


I can understand if there were hundreds of reporters from the past and some would be missed, however there has actually not been that many and they missed mentioning just 4 - Paul Barry, Peter Harvey, Ross Coulthart and Michael Usher.


Peter Harvey, Michael Usher & Ross Coulthart all had brief appearances…via some of the archival footage used.

Don’t think Paul Barry even got that opportunity but again, should it really be that surprising knowing what program he currently presents on the ABC? :wink:


I watched it and the three you mentioned must have been blink and you miss it as I did not even notice.

40 Years of an iconic show should rise above that. So yes it surprises me a bit


I said “coming back for an interview”, not “features” :wink:


Sorry my mix up.


No interview with Peter Overton, for whatever reason.






Throughout 40 years of 60 Minutes , some stories have featured crimes so heinous or mysteries so inexplicable that they still have us talking.

Whether it be Gable Tostee, Belle Gibson or Peter Scully, they and other unforgettable individuals continue to make headlines to this day.

In the all-new podcast series, 60 Minutes True Crime , available from today, some of these especially memorable stories are revisited by the original reporters as they reflect on why they have stayed with the viewers, as well as themselves.

With introductions from Peter Overton , each of the five original podcasts will feature new insights, previously unheard audio, and updated opinions from those who were closest to the subject matter.

All five episodes are available today from Nine Podcasts , Apple Music and Omny , and you can also listen to a preview .

Australia’s worst paedophile spent four years on the run following his atrocious crimes. Peter Scully thought that by hiding out in a remote corner of the Philippines he was beyond the reach of the law. But Scully was wrong. In this episode, reporter Tara Brown recounts the chilling case as she tracked down and came face-to-face with the depraved predator. What he has to say for himself will leave you stunned.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Original Producer: Rebecca Le Tourneau
Podcast Producers: Lydia Bilton, Liz Little, Helen Lunn and Toula Udowenko

It’s a simple question with a diabolically difficult answer. Is Tegan Lane dead or alive? She was last seen as a two-day-old baby being carried out of a Sydney hospital by her mother Keli, an aspiring Australian Olympian. That was in 1996, but 22 years on, Tegan’s fate remains a mystery. In 2010, Keli was found guilty of murdering her baby daughter, even though her body has never been found. In 2016, in a last desperate bid to prove she is innocent, Keli’s parents Sandra and Robert broke their 20-year silence and spoke to 60 Minutes . In this episode Allison Langdon discusses the mystifying case that gripped the nation.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Original Producer: Rebecca Le Tourneau
Podcast Producers: David Hardaker, Liz Little, Helen Lunn and Toula Udowenko

It was the lie that rocked Australia. A beautiful young woman is given the terrible news she has inoperable brain cancer and only four months to live. Belle Gibson is courageous – she tries chemotherapy and radiotherapy before turning to alternative medicine. It seems to work, and she tells the world through social media, encouraging others to try the treatment. Hers is a truly inspiring story. Hundreds of thousands of sympathetic followers and fellow sufferers live every step of her journey and celebrate her success as she becomes the poster girl for the alternative wellness industry. There’s an award-winning app and a cookbook. But it’s all a lie. As Tara Brown reveals, Belle Gibson profited from the false hope she gave vulnerable people living with cancer. And that is a true crime.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Original Producers: Stephen Taylor and Alice Dalley
Podcast Producers: Lydia Bilton, Liz Little, Helen Lunn and Toula Udowenko

They both wanted uncomplicated, fast sex, and hooking up on the dating app Tinder was the perfect way to do it. But when Gable Tostee met Warriena Wright in 2014, their night of passion ended in death. That was horrific enough, but what drew further condemnation was Tostee’s apparent disregard for Warriena in the seconds and minutes after her fatal fall from his highrise balcony on the Gold Coast in August 2014. Tostee was charged with murder and what followed was one of the most divisive court cases in recent times. In 2016, Tostee was acquitted of the murder, largely because of the audio of Wright’s final moments, which oddly, Tostee had recorded on his smartphone. After his acquittal, Gable Tostee broke a two-year silence and sat down with reporter Liam Bartlett for an extraordinary interview.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Original Producers: Nick Greenaway and Grace Tobin
Podcast Producers: Lydia Bilton, Liz Little, Helen Lunn and Toula Udowenko

In this episode, reporter Ross Coulthart remembers the chilling case of Samantha Knight, the angelic nine-year-old Bondi schoolgirl who vanished one day in 1986. Her disappearance led to one of the largest police investigations in New South Wales history but her body has never been found. In 2001, the notorious paedophile Michael Guider was charged with Samantha’s murder, and six months later he pleaded guilty to manslaughter, claiming he hadn’t meant to kill the little girl. To this day, he has not revealed where he hid her body. What happened to Samantha remains her parents’ – indeed every parent’s – worst nightmare.
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Original Producer: Garry McNab
Podcast Producers: Liz Little, Helen Lunn and Toula Udowenko


Presumably with 1 reporter slot to fill (Tom Steinfort’s) and 1 doing reduced workload this year (Allison Langdon), Karl Stefanovic will be redeployed to 60.

They won’t want to pay him to do nothing while employing someone new to 60.


He could read the news midnight to dawn on 2GB, or MSR breakfast show. :grinning: Yeah, 60 minutes is more likely, and ACA fill in host I think.


He’ll be in for it tough - apparently the EP has disliked him ever since Ubergate.


Even better, ACA reporter. Forget hosting.


Former SBS reporter and presenter Sarah Abo joins 60 Minutes as a reporter on Monday week.


Replacing Tom Steinfort. They also never replaced Allison Langdon when she scaled back to allow her to work on Weekend Today.



Returning Sunday 3 February at 8.30 pm

Nine’s flagship current affairs program 60 MINUTES returns on Sunday, February 3, at 8.30 pm for an historic 41st season.

Joining award-winning reporters Charles Wooley, Liz Hayes, Liam Bartlett, Tara Brown and Allison Langdon in 2019 is acclaimed journalist Sarah Abo .

Sarah brings great experience to 60 MINUTES following an impressive career at SBS’s World News and Dateline programs where she covered major international events including the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the 2015 Paris Climate Conference and in 2016, both the US presidential election and the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

In between overseas assignments she has reported headline-making news stories in Australia, especially in her home-state Victoria. These include the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, the official visit to Australia of Chinese President Xi Jinping and the machinations of multiple state and federal election campaigns.

“I’m thrilled to have such an exceptional broadcast journalist joining us, and I have no doubt Sarah’s skills will make what is already the finest reporting team on Australian television even stronger,” Kirsty Thomson, Executive Producer of 60 MINUTES, said.

Sarah Abo was born in Damascus in Syria and moved to Australia with her family when she was four.

“Like most Australians I’ve grown up watching 60 MINUTES. Having the opportunity to now work on such an iconic program is, to be honest, a little bit daunting, but also incredibly exciting,” she said.

Sarah’s appointment ensures the Logie Hall of Fame-winning 60 MINUTES will continue to bring audiences the biggest stories from Australia and around the world.

In addition to reporting the best TV current affairs, the program has just released the podcast series True Crime , which features a deeper look at five of the most unforgettable – and heinous – crime stories in recent memory. The 60 MINUTES True Crime podcasts have generated substantial attention and have been added to Apple’s “Featured” and “New and Noteworthy” lists.


You’d have to say that Karl’s days are numbered. Given he’s on contract, one would have assumed he’d fill some of his time at 60 Minutes but they’ve brought someone new in from outside the network.


Sarah has come a long way since her Ten News days. Well done to her