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Barrie Quick has been appointed General Sales Manager, commencing his new role on April 1. He was previously in Sales Management roles at ARN & Triple M networks, as well as being CEO of Pacific Star Network & Raceforce Media (Pacific Star & Crocmedia), and General Manager of 6PR.

Source: Radioinfo

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Can Barrie Quick Convert 2CH into a Lifestyle/Music Format with Christian Messages just like the Old Talking Lifestyle was in Sydney?


Why? Haven’t their ratings just gone up with the changes they’ve just made?

I don’t think Talking Lifestyle is any sort of format to aspire to


That’s a great idea for 2CH…if you really want to see the station rate below Macquarie Sports Radio.

Knowing what the ratings were like for 2CH in the last radio ratings survey (increases across the board), I’d probably say they should persist with the recently launched “Classic Hits” format for now since they are providing a musical point of difference to the FM stations.


Talking Lifestyle didn’t have Christian messages. Sharina’s Psychic Encounters was the exact opposite.

4BC still has Sharina’s page on its website. :smiley:



Why not have Satanic messages instead? :rofl:


2GB has that covered on weekday mornings.


You beat me to it :slight_smile:
Think I’d actually prefer that.


According to Radioinfo, SCA have been appointed agency sales representative for 2CH from April 12, taking over from Macquarie Media.

More: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/sca’s-agency-sales-represent-2ch


Makes sense seeing the agreement in place for sister stations SeaFM and Mix on the Sunshine Coast.

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Does anyone why Johnny Young was shafted from the new 2CH lineup? One week he’s there, then next week Tim Webster has taken over; even taking over the Gasparo Restaurant blurbs.

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2CH wanted someone a bit younger?


He was voice tracking his shifts from Perth. They probably wanted someone live and local.


Here am I still wondering whatever happened to George Illich who was with them for years and years.

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Re, Johnny Young: I don’t recall him being announced as part of the new 2CH lineup for 2019. Although I’d guess that 2CH have dumped him in favour of slightly younger presenters like Tim Webster & Chris Kearns as part of their push for more live/local content.

He’s probably happily retired now? It’d have to be ever five years (probably closer to ten) since I last really remember hearing George Illich on 2CH.

What I’d probably like to know is whether or not 2CH have finally got themselves a permanent presenter for the Sunday Night Openline program.


Johnny Young left because he was on tour with Normie Rowe and Collen Hewett. Which is why Chris Kearns took over

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I was told from a 2CH presenter that George left because he was feeling very unwell and that’s why he had to leave.


2CH have finally updated their website and Facebook logos to now say “Classic Hits”.


Really 2CH??

They’ve updated their logo on their website, and for Easter they revised their logo on their Facebook page…

And now post-Easter they’ve gone back to their previous “Easy Classics” logos on Facebook.

If your designers are doing new logos, why not do the lot.

… It’s these little things EON …


They will update it soon so don’t worry