2CH 1170 Sydney


I heard a promo on 2CH using the words “More Music and More Variety”. They’re also positioning themselves as “Your new home of Classic Hits”.

Well done.

Now if only 2SM were in a similar situation.


I remember watching Chris Kearns hosting the Racing back in the 2000’s on Sky Racing.


He started at 2LT Lithgow around 1970 I think before moving to the big time at 2UW


Was not being programmed from Brisbane at that stage. MD, PD, you name, all made redundant earlier.

Because the part of @Jason_Andrew_Toppin is being played this week by @TheStyles83.



Forget the music, branding, whatever… the biggest issue is who photoshopped the cr@p out of these faces:

Facial expressions… who needs 'em?!?


Photoshop? That background looks more like Microsoft Paint quality.

I could even do a better job…and I’m not even that good at graphical design! :confused:


I’m most disturbed by the “& DAB+” that’s tacked onto the end of the tag line, ruining both the alignment with the H and the fact it’s also smaller and non-italicised.


Radio Today has an article about the current changes to 2CH.

Radioinfo also has a similar article: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/2ch-sydney’s-new-home-classic-hits-launches-new-line


The new format is designed “exclusively for the Baby Boomers”, targeting a 50+ audience who are “ageless in attitude”.

And due for another format change in 10 years.


Rubbish… It was being programmed by Ashley Easter and some done by Jo henderson… Locally at Cannon hill before the MML take over and the Black friday lay offs


Is anyone else getting at least a little bit excited with what is happening at 2CH?

For the first time in a VERY long time, is Sydney radio doing the opposite and actually investing in strong talent and a solid sounding station.

Mind you, I wouldn’t have gone with Paul Pittioni as station v/o. His voice continuously reminds me of Mix… Unless this is part of Cherie’s overall strategy.

… Now when will we see the 2CH logo updated & remove the ‘Easy Classics’ messaging? …


Something very strange just happened at around 11:31 am. They started playing “Stay With Me til Dawn” About 30 seconds in it went to a promo. A different song then ran for about 30 seconds. Then another promo. Then “Guilty” for about 15 seconds. Then straight to a long commercial break.

Operator error? Sounded ridiculous.

Update at 11:46am: Tim Webster apologised for the mess and said technicians were running around everywhere to fix it. Probable reality: the 20 year old who does everything came in to see what Tim had done to mess it up.


MSR over the top of Chris Kearns last night so technical issues still prevail. Pity about their Sunday programming that is not about to change apparently. Wonder how Gareth McRae will fit in.


There were also major problems playing out the news last night - I think it was during the 9pm bulletin they were off air for a minute or two? :confused:


Been giving it a bit of a listen on and off during the day… and not bad, not bad at all… Quite a good mix of music so far


Shall I start a Petition to get 2CH to buy 1629am in Melbourne from JLS Media and get a 50+ Music Station going again?


Don’t bother.


Melbourne didn’t need a second sport station. Magic 1278 should have been left exactly where it was. A consistent performer in ratings, especially prior to the staff sackings they had 3-4 years ago. Before that it was good broadcasters and a great range of music.


I ddint think MML asked anyone before they rebranded Magic 1278 to Lifestyle then to Sports if I remember correctly


Cherie is familiar with him, I’d say that’d be it.