2CH 1170 Sydney


If Brisbane, Adelaide and to a lesser extent, Perth and even Canberra are big enough markets to sustain at least one music station on AM, then Sydney (and Melbourne, who’s major AM stations are now all either news, talk or sport) should be able to.


It wasnt that long ago Brisbane had 2 music stations on AM, both rating well over 5%. And still would have if Macquarie radio werent so stupid


yep!.. although near the end of Magic882 they started adding new top 40 music… Little river band into justice crew just never sounded right! and didnt suit the demo


Listening to 2CH for much of the day today. You can tell they’re still in a transition period - with some production referring to Easy Classics and the rest as Classic Hits.

My guess is come Monday when Tim Webster takes over workdays, it’ll be a cleaner sound for the station.

It was nice hearing Nick Bennett back on the radio too since Talking Lifestyle. I’d love to see what the feeling is like at MML with several ex-954 announcers now on 2CH.

It’s all up from here with Cherie.



Yes good to hear Nick. He has worked at most Sydney radio stations.


I dont recall that at all. 4BH used to play some contemporary easy listening (a bit like Smooth does now) back before they flipped to Magic 882. They continued that format as Magic 882 at first when it was all coming out of Brisbane, but as soon as it started coming out of Melbourne the music got much older and they werent playing any new stuff and not even much 80s. I always found the modern music they did play on 4BH and (Brisbane) Magic sounded great and not jarring at all. It works for Smooth and used to work for 4BH before the dark days of Macquarie :slight_smile:


Well I worked there and remember it quite well… infact there was a few WTF moments with the content director at the time.


2CH, For Your Lifestyle.


LGBTIQ format?


According to their Facebook page:

“Indira Naidoo & Trevor Sinclair congratulate Kate Miller-Heidke on winning Eurovision: Australia Decides. Join them tomorrow morning for Breakfast as we launch CLASSIC HITS 2CH1170 and DAB”

… “as we launch” …??


If the new playlist is more akin to 2CA, I’ll be locked on. But this is Sydney so my expectations remain muted.


What’s this now…the fourth or fifth relaunch of 2CH in the past five or six years?

Hopefully the “Classic Hits” format is one that sticks.


I’m sure it’s not too different to Singo’s Happy Days format.

Only difference is that now they can use the words Classic Hits as WSFM had it then.


I thought WSFM was mainly using “Pure Gold” as their slogan during the October 2014-February 2016 “Happy Days” era on 2CH. Mind you, ARN could’ve still been actively using the “Classic Hits” brand on some of their other stations back then.

Either way, from the little I’ve heard so far it sounds like 2CH have switched from Trevor Smith to Paul Pittioni (most notable in Sydney for being the voice of Hope 103.2, the former voice of Mix 106.5 and the current voice of Channel Nine promos) as far as the voiceovers are concerned.


One More Format Change away from 2CH a pure Christian Talkback station.


This is probably the 3rd time you’ve suggested that 2CH should increase their religious programming or become a Christian talkback station…why?

But while I’m here, a comment about the refreshed station branding. Although change and progress is to be welcomed especially when it comes to a station like 2CH, I have to say that the use of instrumental tracks of songs which are less than a decade old (such Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars & Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5) in some of the new branding elements clashes heavily with the new “Classic Hits of the 60s & 70s” music format.


Just my view but i don’t think Australia needs that…


It’s not just your view either.


I’d rather a Scientology station:

“2CH is tuning in to your E-meter through the power of Dianetics”.


Some good music being played on Chris Kearns new night show. Sort of reminds me of what Pete Graham was doing on Saturday nights on 2UE an TL. A bit of talk mixed with song requests.